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3 Ways To Get Rid Of A Black Eye FAST!!!

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hey there what's up with one today I'm

gonna show you how to get rid of a

blacklight quick because black eyes are

just really annoying now if you can see

here the light is making him look nice

bags actually is further oh god be over

bit of a bruise you may be wondering how

I got this black eye you may not give a

crap you may not even care but let's

just get yellow for now that room how

those black eyes from amateur boxing but

it wasn't from sparring it wasn't from a

match we was doing technique drills the

punch the other guy fruit wasn't meant

to be thrown to go from and you just hit

I wasn't expecting it was an accident at

the end of the day versus a mess-up of

communication it's just calling that so

you know if you've ever had a black guy

and now you know how annoying it can be

that will you go to work everyone's

asking you how did you get your black

hire what happened to you your just

come out and you just get I've been been

stalked by friends and people on the


deciding me had to be black right sight

do I know you first thing you want to do

is for ice on your iron as soon as it

happens is soon after as you can do put

ice on it to reduce the swelling and to

stop it coming up as bad I was dumped I

didn't do that I had a place to be so I

left it hoping for the best and it

didn't turn out of this so after eyes

need for that day you do that day you

didn't want to switch over to warm water

or warm pressure so what I mean is I've

got cotton wool pad here it's from my

mom's makeup draw her and I were using

for so you can use a towel cut off

anything just dab it with warm water and

then just apply it to the bruised area

the reason we're doing this first of all

is just to get blood circulation there

and this has gone kind of cold narrower

than way in part anyway you get the gist

you just wanna you can massage this 5 to

10 minutes you can do that

so the first technique I'm going to show

you how to get rid of a black bag quick

is the one that I use the most

I always say the most because not I get

black eyes often but I've used before in

past experience and has the most benefit

for me and that is get out a cup


you can see it's just a pineapple chunk

this was a frozen pineapple bilayer

defrost can apply to my now pineapple is

full of it the end there

now pineapple is full of enzymes

digestive enzymes all that good stuff

it's very good for your skin high in

vitamin C I think beaver way like oh my

god I've got all my salts beaver way up

uses before and now only tell you

something to show you this one it's work

best for me but the other techniques I

will show you may work better for you

the pineapple works great for me so

literally all you gonna do you get the

pineapple so I'm holding the cup over to

doing the spill and just apply it to

your eye looking like a brush you can

leave this on with however long you want

until it gets a bit too sticky and

afterwards you can either pineapple

that's nothing it loads of fruit and

vege we all know that anyways bar

anything high in antioxidants is gonna

help now the second method I'm gonna

show to what you want to do is get one

part cayenne pepper 3 parts petroleum

jelly or Vaseline where do you want to

call it mix it together you don't need a

lot as you can see the bruise depending

on how big your booties make as much as

you feel you'll need then simply apply

it to the skin and leave for about and

one hour I'd say I have to admit it does

feel like tingles and stings a little

but cayenne pepper is the spice is kind

of expected

now clients pepper is full of

antioxidants some so great for getting

blood circulation so it's probably good

reason put on your face maybe if you're

having a reaction take it off okay but

that's another way of doing it like I

said try it if you want you don't want

to here's another one now before you go

to bit put a little bit of coconut oil

on your faces from Tesco's it's organic


I hope it's organic virgin it says that

but who knows extra organic virgin

coconut oil you know the one the one

that's not processed and dead so what

you want to do is just get a little bit

of that you don't need a lock as oil

does really spread and just put it on

the Bruce wherever is I'm saying wise

notes I've got it there and wherever

your bruise is just apply there leave on


it's also a really good thing for your

skin in

since we've come oh you could use a

whisk avocado there you could use

avocado oil as well avocados are really

great for your skin eat them as well

that will help any bruising or damaging

your skin as well

yeah that's free techniques the best one

that works for me is pineapple I don't

know why my skin seems to react better

to that but like I said try any of these

if you've got an important event or

meeting coming up then you may want to

get rid of your black guy quick or

you're bruising wherever you got now one

last thing I want to finish on is to do

with your mind don't look at your black

eye all day or whatever bruise you've

got wherever don't look at all day I

think oh my god is still there

he needs to go distill it all you're

doing is giving attention to it don't

look in the mirror or just look up the

other eye or something and think yeah

I'm think I'm perfectly healed I'm great

trust me your mind is powerful you keep

thinking I have this black I won't go

you're just adding resistance and it

will go stay longer I know it sounds

really weird to say this your mind is

extremely powerful never underestimate

the power of your mind I always say if

you can control your mind you can

control everything that goes on in your

life so just just trust that when you

apply these things it's gonna heal your

eye or bruising wherever