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Dark Clouds Hanging Over Your Head || Remove Dark Clouds Automatic Powerful Prayer

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what you do not know is more powerful

than than you and even if it is not

powerful at all because you don't know

what it is you will be magnetizing it

you'll be making it look more bigger

than it is that is what many of you out

there you have made your divorce

you've made your bad and ugly

experiences in life negative thoughts

imaginations of our risen out of this

you've made bullies who are cowards and

insecured you have made con artists and

manipulators and deceivers you've also

made we can't forces of the universe and

outside the universe you've made them to

be bigger than they really are

you've even made your poverty and

ordinary human problems

everyone tackle to solve you magnet

magnify them and make them bigger than

they are supposed to be in this

broadcasts Ida K Mary I have been

instructed to do something that I've not

done for a long time I'm doing it for me

I'm doing it for you this is not another

deliverance thing

this is something potent very serious so

done you do not go about looking for too

many prayers and too many people to help

you there is a dark cloud upon your life

there is a dark cloud upon your children

there is a dark cloud upon your city

upon your County your States there is a

dark cloud that is over and upon your

nation or continent I'll give you an


if you fly down to certain places in the

world when once you come out from the

airplane if you are someone who

understand the hidden things of the

university to just hit you it will hit

you very quickly that the city is heavy

some heaviness will come upon you

some loneliness will come upon you fear

of the unknown doubts sadness so you can

also use the same measurement when you

meet any human being apply for any

professional career job decide

to move to any city or state or nation

how do you feel if you don't feel it

don't do it don't go there don't connect

when I say God has been talking to me

yes it is true God still talk to some of


there are certain things that you are

going through in your life excuse me


there are certain things that you are

going through in your life and you

cannot you cannot find the reason

you cannot find the reason why certain

things are happening to you happening to

your children happening to your finances

why suddenly your behavior changes

radically you are not in control of what

you are saying you are not in control of

what you are doing is like somebody else

has taken over your life if you are

constantly sick body-wise constantly you

need you need to go and see a doctor if

all the time you always need to go and

see a doctor you always constantly sick

or every time you receive a paycheck

sickness comes Oh problems arises that

takes the whole of that paycheck Oh

family members appear our friends unit

you need to listen carefully to what I'm

about to tell you if constantly your

nation changes from one bad government

to another bad government from one

wicked greedy selfish leader to another

you need to pay attention if they sin it

and the house if you have seven

political parties they never agreed two

political parties who never agreed

something is going on in the atmosphere

there's something rumbling beneath the

ground and above the ground and above

the yet

and I'm just citing examples you use

that college you dropout he take you

several years to start again and at the

end you drop completely you never finish

and you're going so much sum of money

that you borrowed from here and there to

go through something that you never

finished if you owe a lot of money about

things that you never finished then this

is for you if you have married so many

times many times and you still find

yourself still when I keep keep getting

married keep falling in love this is for

you it was something is wrong if today

your nation is going through economic

and prosperity next day everything

busted this is for you if today you're a

happy person tomorrow

you're a sad person you are sad for one

year you're happy for one day this is

for you if just out of no way sadness

about women doubt fear sadness grief

unhappiness ceases you this is for you

if what takes somebody one day to solve

he's taking you ten years to solve this

is for you if you have the lingering

court case that doesn't want to finish a

married that doesn't want to dissolve

whereas you wanted to go away so that

you can you can focus and and and

achieve something that you can be proud

of yourself this is for you

poverty keep heating you keep coming to

your family you know members of your

family they struggle a lot financially

nobody seemed to break out of that cycle

nobody in your family want to move into

a professional training or career

education disease for you people hits

you for no reason

you don't know why people don't like you

people don't favor you this is for you

you stop something along the way

something just hold on to it put it on a

stand still it is delayed you can't move

forward is that is that moving backward

this is for you if you print up as

something to cure a sickness or to have

or to have an immediate move into the

arena of happiness a job you can get the

kind of job that you want this is for


the Almighty God has spoken to me to

talk to you about this everyone who

comes into your life come to teach you

to take from you and when you have a

need they are not there for you this is

for you this is not a free video this is

not a free video there is what we call a

dark cloud a dark cloud and that cloud

is a gathering of the wicked evil

intention mindsets of both humans Devils

and forces of the universe and outside

the universe that against you for one

reason or the other that cloud can God

against you because of mistakes that

you've made the thinking you're thinking

you feel you're doubt you aragón see

you're bullying people greed different

things you've done along the way

different choices you've made can result

in the release of dark clouds over your

atmosphere when there is a dark cloud

over the atmosphere dark cloud Obara sky

ram a rumbling of darkness from beneath

a head against you no matter how much

you fasts no matter how much you pray no

matter how much you you big dykes

nothing will change

why because works and options and

sacrifices and rituals and second and

cycles have been put together and

manipulated and paid off against you

dark clouds dark clouds are also forces

dominating forces that have been

released from beneath the earth above

the earth against you they focus on you

you are the primary target or your

family or your job or your nation in

order to weaken you in order to SAP your

energy in order to make you empty in

order to take things from you that are

good and replace them with what is bad

dark cloud come to

get out - Hinda to make you suffer to

put pillion on you until you realize

what I'm about to tell you until you say

to yourself this is not normal

y'see that I'm a greatly country

I couldn't get my green card I couldn't

get my citizenship in order to

contribute to that country economically

that's why you can I'm not talking about

people who go somewhere to find food and

as a know you have the gifts as a

citizen well as a upcoming citizen in a

nation you have giftedness talent

training but nobody want to employ you

and i as of this time you don't have the

means to start your own business so you

need to work for a company or somebody

else in order to put money aside and

along the way start your own they said

our club you prayed about different

forms of mental activities of negative

things going on in your family in your

life and nothing seems to work

medicine doesn't work prayer does not

work God has revealed to me that there

is a dark cloud I hidden or open that


dark atmosphere out there against you

you may have done something or you may

not have done anything for that cloud to

come against you you don't necessarily

need to be in the room somebody might

might have messed up your country fill

it with wickedness and hate and

when a bad ruler arises in your family

in your job in your state in your city

in your nation like racist people like

wicked and job owners business owners

and they treat people like trash doesn't

matter the Accord it's introduced dark

clouds to that job and that cloud to

that nation that clouds to that religion

when people lie when people when people

do all kind of bad things and lies about

it they've introduced that welcome the

dark forces dark energies dark

atmosphere and they will come to come

and disturb the person hallelujah so

dark cloud and that forces you see them

coming from time to time and there will

always be a clash of lights and that

clouds light is how you describe the

kingdom of Jesus that cloud is how you

describe the wicked kingdoms of humans

and forces of darkness hallelujah

hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

so why how you also know that there is

that forces there are dark clouds there

are dark atmosphere if you're trying to

solve one problem then you yourself

create another you don't even know how

and why you say something you do

something it creates and

other problems you are enforcing making

solidifying dark clouds and dark forces

so be careful about the decisions you're

making because you are attracting

something by what you are thinking

imagining singing and doing you are

attracting your imagination your

thinking is attracting somebody is that

dropping something many at times if it

is evil intentions it becomes it our

trucks and put in the atmosphere dark

clouds dark atmosphere controlled by

dark forces who hates this planet and

who hates humans you be a be careful

that you are not helping that clouds to

enforce your rules upon the earth during

this during this lent period in tow and

during the holy weeks beginning from

today I will be calling on certain

people around the world that the Holy

Spirit is to me that there are dark

cloud to deal with that cloud everything

is not a dark cloud so don't think that

because you're going through something

that is a dark cloud how you know that

you say that cloud is that you feel that

something has come to greet you and not

talking about people who live in fear

and I don't like those kind of people I

don't like them around you don't

tolerate people who live in fear I don't

tolerate them around me they can be

sweet talking Christian but I can see

through it I may not tell you and may

not tell you that I don't like you

because I do not need to but I don't

because Jesus never tolerated CFL

doubtful and players people just came to

West your time and energy where's your

resources and money for nothing there

are human beings who have entered into

covenants with that Klaus that forces

dark atmosphere and they carry with them

that's why you have to be careful this

particular broadcast you are bring is

classic you want to be very careful

about the kind of human being you're

sleeping with you are eating but you are

trying to do business with because they

may become they may be carriers of dark

clouds they enforce it wherever they go

that cloud goddess I know of men when

once they come into contact with you and

open the about and tell you they love

you and you say you love them back is

over for you when you say that word

they dream every star every good destiny

an assignment you have every good thing

about your life they drain it and they

take it away with them and they leave a

vampire a dark cloud in your life I know

of women and I know of men and women who

when they intend to any relationship the

person's business collapse that business

money vanish that person's health is

gone job goes they get fired from their

job so you need to sit down and cut

yourself who is it that comes into my

life and I succeed good thing begin to

happen to me and who is the one that

when they're coming to my life life

become very strenuous there

tough I'm no longer happy something bad

seemed to have happened they introduced

an evil grip upon your life that's what

we mean by that Klaus you begin to

quorum with everybody when there was no

quorum what you are leaders

what's your leaders and you will see it

what's your pastors you will see one

pastor will be posted to a church and

that church will be split into several

and people who go out to stab your own

another one coming and people begin to

come together

watch out watch out because there are

people who carries dark clouds a lot of

people who goes through addiction of

various kind with alcoholism drugs and

so on if it is not treated quickly and

over with not something that they

continue they are carriers of dark

clouds Shantou Cote caliber see can do

soup accordingly second alasa your [ __ ]

a sad talk and Emmanuel is ISA Kia a man

to pass up in Tampa you killed a casual

olicity he want to shock you can't sure

to be Candela can do a man Cuccia [ __ ]

tell say my token darcy cannibals yeah

Melo cantando Kulina make quando

supplicant o make another circle make

Cantus she nearly sank on tamales say

Taliban calling us a microRNA back on

dolly bass a make on dance a low

Kundalini microRNA circle can't ELISA

the local Donna she may push a kundalini

shabbily boom worry about stalkers

shabby to londo make Ornelas a local

Thomas Connelly she may say cow non-dual

Shira politically

play these broadcasts again and watch as

that rumbling from this spirit rumbles

through me that was the prayer that you

need that drives dark cloud away from

you atmosphere listen I want you to move

this Broca's back to where I started

praying that was pray I didn't even know

the whole ego just come upon me and then

you lay your hand on your tablet your

iPad your desktop your cell phone or

mobile phone whatever means you're using

to watch this broadcast place your hand

on it and listen to that rumbling so

that speaking to that cloud dealing with

them from the supernatural arena

God has replaced see I didn't want to do

it this way but they overtake me

God has replaced the dark cloud that you

are dealing with with lights prosperity

favor favor magnified

now you can magnetize you can attract

the best things of this earth

and you can now pursue your assignment

the Bible says that the gift of a person

opens doors for him AHA and brings you

before the top elite before high class

you've been struggling to be in the high

class with your beauty with education

with your sweet ugh nothing

but now with that Prieta that just


there's nothing God cannot accomplish

for you because as the dark cloud has

been broken then the power of God can

come true you asked me why didn't God

deal with it because a human being from

the earth has to deal with it that's how

it goes shubao Lully Kishan day came

laying your hand on what you are using

to watch this program man took a shanley

about 2k y ND you see because of how you

may ask me why are you praying in the


what are you using spirit language why

are you praying a spirit to spirit

because you are dealing with spirits you

are dealing with forces of the universe

you're dealing with forces of the

universe so you have to enter into the

our territory as a spirit not just as a

human being so keep placing your hand

and you are gonna see what is gonna

happen Lambos oke

low laser token don't believe there are

people that you will forgive and forget

them and let them go man - kizaki Bardo

a mantis Aki undo may - kunda sake dumbu

laocoon ii Taba your child is healed the

job is given the dark cloud is rolled

away you will now feel lights there

no longer heaviness in your home the

ghost is gone and the Holy Ghost is in a

coma Santa can shoe make une tasse can

tally more lacy cantilever sake humble

the days of groom is over because the

dark multi on cloud has been rollover

Shantou cash until a lick on this

aqueous humor Luke and Alyssa some

believers Europe and a angels of God now

replaces Angels of Darkness the right

intentions bright minds the rioters

dried imagination now replaces every

negative events and consequences that

you've ever experienced in your life

that has caused you to be stopped or

that has made you to stand still and

that has made you to suffer the god of

life and the God of truth they are full

because the clouds are lifted no one

shall dominate you any more things will

happen to you of his own

how do you know that you are on that

destroying grip of a dark cloud the

heaviness of stressful life pain and

suffering you begin to go through what

what do we call it um Nancy what do we

call that windy when it comes up on

somebody you don't feel like doing

anything you just lay down there and

sleep all day depression very strong -

that's a grip of dark cloud depression

about women's trace so I declare this

day over nuia over Brooklyn Queens

Manhattan uber jankis Rochester Buffalo

long Helen the Bronx all of New York

State's to Virginia to Connecticut New

Jersey DC Maryland not all - Angelina I

declared over different places in

California Vegas Colorado Dallas Houston

Austin aghast Atlanta all of the south

all of the Midwest including Kansas

Chicago Miami Fort Lauderdale Oh

of Orlando Tampa shakily condo sake

under she cry shake

kingdoms they shake kingdoms place [ __ ]

can destroy weekend intelligences Los

Angeles Sacramento Roseville to knock

Santa Cruz San Diego San Francisco San


I declare all the way the definitions of

their world from the United States to

the Caribbeans all the way to all of

Europe from Germany to Britain from

Britain to Italy to lowland no way

Sweden Denmark Malaysia not encircle a

Japan Hong Kong Brunei Shambhala so

kinda Sakuya wonder gillip Lina all the

Gulf states Israel all the way through

the Mediterranean from all the way to

Victoria Falls she can be bath soap and

it's accent Oh from Ghana to South

Africa all the way to the congos from

solution to Jamaica from Aruba to

Barbados Dominica Dominican Republic

Cuba Papua New Guinea Indonesia China

India Pakistan Saudi Arabia Iran Iraq

Lebanon Egypt every day throughout in

all of Germany to Poland to Russia

I demand you go dissolve the clouds in

your city I deserve the clouds in your


your job the territories of your lives

Diana [ __ ] Pelican toe what's wanna

Kenya Tanzania Uganda Togo Cameroon all

the little little fishing villages near

and far is Brazil Peru Bolivia

mehico I bring the freedom of Jesus into

the atmosphere and reset Nations


Tibbits Vietnam freedom reign don't go

do not return because this is a universe

these have been given to us humans don't

don't create

in the business of humans you




kondou sycophantic a semicolon father we

thank you for the returning of freedom

to atmosphere so that we can now

experience the heaviness of your

sweetness of your joy of your government

and not that clouds stopping us

preventing us from experiencing the

sweetness of life everyone who

underlined with me begin to pray and um

God begin to dump him for freedom thank

you Lord for freedom thank you Lord for

the freedom that has come upon our


you can now walk to the God can win your

case you can now apply for a job and get

it you can do but throw wicked rulers

and leaders and let the Rangers take

over you can now call money to come into

your life you can now put on us we never

be heaviness and weariness of God people

have got they dark cloud and the

heaviness they put on you is upon you

and wherever you go and upon where you

leave are from what we are

down this day what we have done right

now it is light and not darkness I see

white cloud in your territory in your

continent I see smoke coming down from

heaven upon where you come upon your


now you can receive fire of the holy


now you can receive new renewal now you

can receive the good things you've been

expecting and not leaving touch off now

the heaviness of God come upon you

because on earth somebody has done

something about it and I did now let me

let me call your attention to something

that is happening in our ministry I am

edik I marry Army Presbyterian pastor on

Bishop so listen carefully we need over

thirty thousand US dollars for our

scholarship fund we have a lot of people

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their life in the past about your

education yep professional training is

now happening quicker than we thought

some of them need to travel overseas

some of them are here already I need

money to send them to colleges and to

famous universities some are going into

medicine literary studies law psychology

different stuff but as I going into

nursing professional nursing careers

also I want to appeal to you to give to

us our mission house we need a lot of

money I'm not mentioning how much for

our mission house to move our mission

from here into a mission headquarter we

will have the different things that we

wanna do

I have a lot of single mothers around me

from one part of the globe to another

and we need over 20,000 US dollars to

run our single mothers fund so have

appealed to you for three things

our mission house and also about my

mission traveling around to do God's

work and have appeal to you about single

mothers fund and a scholarship fund help

us join us to accomplish these great

things around the world it's not just

about preaching and teaching

I'm prophesying a ministry is about

facing reality out there and that's what

I'm about

join me it is campaign God Almighty will

give you more than you think I've seen

it happen many times if you want to

participate in giving in donation in the

mission for single mothers from

scholarship fund go to

RG dot our core www dot become Airy

ministry calm you can call us three one

six six six five four four zero zero o

mobile phone where you can text us and

call us three one six five one two six

nine four four you can email us at edk

married minute IDK meri mm @

thank you very very much

now if you are not satisfied with the

ministration you've just received which

is extremely powerful four times at any

time you play this broadcast is as

potent and powerful and mighty like you

just listened to it what you saw me

doing there is a life the Spirit of God

is in this broadcast if you still you

are not satisfied about what I've done

you want me one-on-one to pray about

ruling after

that cloud off your life and so on big

that will make you to be satisfied then

you are going to pay for it when you

call me please don't try to sweet-talk

me do not try to do that so when you

call me you're going to bill for that

service because that's my time that's

how it goes and also I want to let you

know this is not a prayer line this is a

charge line this is a church line we are

coming from the Presbyterian and

Pentecostal Reformed churches

so that is why the power of God operates

in our lives and in our ministries and

everything that we do I want to thank

you for coming to this broadcast

Sandi's broadcast to your friends and

family members this is not about whether

you believe it or you don't believe it

so you can sit down there and and you

all you want to argue and your problem

will remain forever god forbid it let go

of your intellectual rationalization Oh

bad things that are outside the

conception of humanity because when you

are dealing with that Klaus you are

dealing with super beings and super

intelligence and you can only defeat

what you cannot see by entering into

their territory spirit to spirit and

that's what we have done so send this

video everywhere send it to any website

send a URL the link to any website and

display them there I want millions of

people and billions of people to watch

this because this is your freedom


thank you