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How to Reduce Bitterness in Food

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hi everybody this is Judy I'm Judy in

the kitchen you have a food that is too

bitter and you want to try to find a way

to get some of that bitterness out I

have some suggestions for you first of

all you could chill it make it really

really cold if it's a vegetable that you

want to eat raw and yet it's too bitter

for your taste buds all you need to do

is cut it up into some very tiny

bite-size pieces or very thin slices put

it in some very cold water and allow it

to chill well for anywhere from thirty

minutes to several hours obviously if

it's going to be several hours you want

to put it in the refrigerator and get it

really really cold and then go ahead and

enjoy it ice cold and roll and that

should help to dissipate that bitterness

for you another option would be to heat

it up now the heating of food can also

help to take out the bitterness of it

you can try searing something roasting

it or braising vegetables to help reduce

the bitterness and if you don't want to

overcook a vegetable you could try just

blanching it very briefly in some

boiling water take it out and then serve

it as you would like to serve it another

way to take the bitterness out of the

food would be to add a little bit of

sweetener for example when you're making

a tomato sauce if you add just a little

bit of sugar or a little bit of a

sweetener of some sort of to that tomato

sauce it will help to reduce the

bitterness that naturally comes with a

concentrated tomato product and by that

I mean particularly tomato paste that

can be on the bitter side and so if you

if you're using tomato paste add just a

little bit of sweetener and that will

help to cut that bitterness that's in

there another thing that you can do to

reduce bitterness is to add some acid


say common chefs tactic that's used to

help reduce bitterness and food

especially leafy green vegetables and

maybe other vegetables as well if you

notice at the end of cooking time they

might add a little bit of fresh lemon

juice to something or maybe a sprinkle

of vinegar it does not have to be a lot

of lemon juice or nor a lot of vinegar

you don't want to make it so that when

you go to in it you're going to be

puckering and tasting all that vinegar

or tasting lemon juice you just want

enough to brighten the flavor and cut

the bitterness and that will help

now if vinegar and lemon juice doesn't

work well for you a little red wine will

do the trick as well how about adding a

little bit of salt to your dish a little

salt actually balances out the

bitterness and it's sometimes even

better than added sugar so if you've

ever seen anybody actually put a little

bit of salt on a grapefruit that's why

the salt helps to cut the bitterness in

the grapefruit how about adding a little

bit of fat fat could be in the form of

butter or oil ghee cheese cream a nut

butter or some other type of fat coconut

oil something like that fat actually

tends to dull the taste buds to some

degree and it can help to mask a bitter

flavor in a food why do you think a lot

of people like to add cream to their

coffee it not only adds a creaminess and

richness to it but it also helps to cut

the bitterness that's in the coffee so

try adding a little fat or creamy

something to your addition that might

cut the bitterness you can also try

mixing a bitter food with a not so

bitter food to help balance out the

flavors that's in there for instance if

you have a raw salad and you want to

include some baby greens

there are some mature brains like kale

into your salad well raw kale can be

bitter so if you don't make your salad

with all raw kale but mix it up with

other greens that are not so bitter then

that will help to balance it out and

you'll not taste that bitterness quite

as much another thing that you can do to

help reduce bitterness and food is to

add a little bit of baking soda now I'm

talking just a pinch and you can do that

with something sour and also with

something bitter

for example brewed tea can sometimes be

bitter and if you find it it is I'm just

a pinch of baking soda to it and that

will pull the bitterness right out of

that that's something I learned years

ago from my family consumer sciences

teacher let's say you've added too much

lemon juice too much vinegar to try and

pull the bitterness out and now it's on

the sour side and you don't like it add

some baking soda to that now I'm talking

just a little bit and now and especially

if something is very acidic and you're

adding baking soda it could cause it to

bowl up so you want to be real careful

about that just a very small amount

stirring and allow those bubbles to

dissipate and then give it a taste and

it should be better for you well I do

hope this helps you out let me know if

you have any other tricks up your sleeve

on how to get bitterness out of the food

I hope this helps this is Judy I do tea

in the kitchen bye for now