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How to remove birthmarks

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dr. Garland Boyd's five layers of

dermatologists today we'll be talking

about birthmarks look at many different

types of birthmarks that we'll be

concentrating on Brown birthmarks and

the option once again is the option to

have them removed because some patients

actually embrace your birthmark and

don't want to have them removed while

other patients request birthmark removal

so you can see with this video I'll go

through how to remove two types of


and these are brown birthmark one school

of cafe au lait macula and the other

school of congenital melanocytic nevus

now it's very important to get the

diagnosis right because some birth marks

such as C aom's or cafe au lait macules

can easily be removed with the later

what other birthmark such as congenital

knee by are resistant to laser so you'll

see in this video how this one patient

goes through this journey which takes in

an entire year

everything from surgical through to

vascular and co2 lasers to get to the

very end well motivated patient who

wants his birthmark out and he gets a

very good result so thanks for watching

this video and yeah I hope you learned

something too most common Brown

birthmark arpa general form malonic

stick maneuvers the one on the Left

which occur in one in a hundred births

compared to the cafe au lait macula

which occur in 20% of patients this is a

congenital learned melissa levers and so

is this and so is this so these are all

congenital melanocytic nearby they can

occur at medium sized lesions or

extensively at large lesions so the

story begins with mr. s we saw me

approximately a year ago he had a

medium-sized congenital melanocytic

nevus now the treatment of choice yes

this is graphic is excision Laser

certainly can help but they really

frequently occur with later therapy so

the treatment of choice is actually

serial X isms so you can see me exciting

the division closing it up and the whole

idea is actually treat this birthmark

whilst giving him the least amount of

scarring since them to retinol in one


you can see I'm actually removing the

birthmark within the birthmark to give

him the smallest possible scar so he

comes in for a second procedure about

two to three months later and I remove

more of the birthmark

once again I'm cutting up the scar but a

tiny bit more birthmark so you can see

right at the end he's got this star

shape black which I'm just about to do

and a little dog here and then after

that what I do is a laser the area so I

later the residual bit with a carbon

dioxide laser and alter the dog years in

other words the razor is the scar then I

flip over to what's known as a

extraction or laser so the fractional

laser can cook with this overall scar

making it softer but as with all scars

they evolve over time so the next six

months Ascar becomes red so what do i do

then I then use a Basque Euler lasers

you can see it's almost gone we're using

a vascular load in the vascular length

as bandages target the blood vessels so

let's have a look twelve month later

from beginning to end this is what the

end result is minimal scarring sure if

you would like a beard in that area we

can actually do follicular unit hair

transplantation so at the end of the day

it can almost be a scarless procedure

because the beard can hide the residual

scarring so beginning to end that is one

year my friends it's not an easy process

but if you're motivated certainly seeing

a good plastic of dermatological

surgeons can help now the second lesion

we're talking about is the cafe au lait

Michel which is much more common

occurring in about 10% of patients

ordinarily I would use the Pico laser

however this laser even as an excellent

laser has not got the energy level at

the wavelength I want at 5:32 so I swap

back to my old laser which is the red

light this uses nanosecond technology

but it works

so let's have a look at the before so

this is what I'm treating a cafe or Lane

macule so cafe au lait macules are very

common but when they occur in certain

areas like the base certainly that can

be from soon so here I am treating this

vision would be a 5/32 laser you can see

I've put into a nice you pick the eyes

and I'm laser and round down this is

third treatment so you can see a marked

improvement and the endpoint which I

want is just a little bit of frosting in

that area and that's perfect

the skin let's have a look at the

perform and let's have a look at how she

feels up this is what she feels like at

day six so it takes about seven to eight

days before the grades go this is what

she looks like after the second

treatment difficulty some residual

areas of brownish and then what she

looks like

after that third treatment so she has a

fourth treatment just to clean up the

areas and at the end of a she's

extremely happy because birthmarks

you've had the 2050s itself gone okay

guys so you can see from that video it

can take anywhere up to a year to remove

a birthmark

especially with surgical methods but

certainly with laser it's a lot quicker

a lot easier but you've got to actually

identify the type of birthmark before

you remove it and remember not all

people want birthmarks removed because

that's part of them is they've grown up

and it's just part of them sir always

respect their their wishes ok guys

thanks very much for watching this video

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look guys much appreciated

I'll see you next week bye