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How get rid Moles on your face - Dr Lucas Fustinoni Brazil

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I feel ashamed of a mole on your face

you think that everywhere is looking for

your mole and you would like to know

some way to get rid of this problem so

that's we're gonna talk about today in

the cleric Channel

my name is Lukas Noah from Brazil every

week I'll have the new videos about meds

and health tips and today we're gonna

talk a little bit about moles on your


some people look for for solutions how

to get rid of the warts or the moles on

her face at home but I would like to

talk about two today about this today

because it's a very important because

it's not a good idea trying to do this

kind of things at home the first thing

to say is there's a lot of kind of

lesions there are some moles there words

kiss-kiss king cancer navels there's a

lot of different lesions and people just

think the most is just one thing but

it's not it's not the truth there's a

lot of different leisure so it's very

important to go to your doctor to check

out with kind of laser you'll have so

the first let's talk about words words

it's a virus cause disease it caused by

the HPV virus there are more than 100

types of HPV virus and can spread for

other areas for the skin so it's very

important if you have this kind of

problem look for your doctor to destroy

the treatment for words

is destroy that but again don't try to

read this right home

it's very important to go to your doctor

to destroy us how many treatments can

cause the skin pigmentation and your

order of problems or a lot of other

problems so don't try to destroy this

kind of problem because sometimes you

don't know exactly what kind of lesion

do you have you can try to destroy a

skin cancer and have a lot of problems

in future so the nervous the the moles

and face the only way the right way to

get rid of it's by surgery buyer doctor

don't try to destroy it home I saw some

some case of people trying to destroy

skin cancer at home and finally the

doctor discovered that's not a mall

it was steam cancer so I asked for you

go to the doctor first try to see which

kind of lesion do you have and do the

right treat I'm gonna show you here some

some photos of skin cancer and the other

kind of oscillation just until you check

it out

but the diagnostic is made by your

doctor so I hope you like this video

it's not a video that you get the tip

how to get rid of it just you to say the

truth about the the moles and her face

is not sometimes not least you heard

that but the right way it's Luke your

doctor too should do this surgery so my

name is Lucas ocean from Brazil I'd like

to do I'd like to invite you to

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I hope you like it see you in the next