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Baitcaster How to: Remove a Backlash/Birdnest in Under 1 Minute!

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Hey ladies and gentlemen captain Taylor

here in southeast comm six months ago I

did a video on how to find who in your

baked a stir well I've been getting and

receiving a lot of correspondence on how

to remove the nasty birds nests that's

inevitable when learning how to throw a

baitcaster come along I'm going to show

you how to do it in a few simple steps

all right so the reason guys that you're

going to get these backlashes is most of

the time because your settings are not

correct so make sure you watch that fine

tuning video on for the bait caster but

what I'm going to do is and also if you

cast and you cast a high velocity and

your lure hits the water before you come

it or stop the spool then obviously it's

going to have revolutions and the line

is going to come off to school and cause

naughty so let me show you how to fix it

all right so here goes my bad cat oh

that looks like something Chris would do

guys all right let me show you how to

get it out alright so how you want to do

it once you get to these knots you can

hand pick them out which takes

absolutely forever or you could take

your thumb put pressure on it and just

turn the spool just like this alright

now what you want to do is engage the

reel and pull out again alright that

didn't free it so you do it again put

pressure on it turn it

engage the spool and pull out so now I'm


now I just came to another one alright

so engage the spool wrench down on it

while pushing pressure with your thumb

make a few revolutions and pull now you

see that that cleared it and it only

took a few seconds you don't have to sit

there and nitpick and pick and pick and

cuss and swear fishing can be fun I

promise alright ladies and gentlemen I

hope you enjoyed today's tip on how to

remove a backlash in under a minute if

you did please give a thumbs up comment

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already also watch this video guys on

how to fine-tune your bait caster it's

going to help prevent a lot of this

rat's nest

till next time we'll see you on the