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How to Get Rid of Bird's Nests - Prevent Baby Birds

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what's another name for bird crap shiza

hi I'm LL Trapster at the Aussie Animal

Control comm and today we were doing

bird control work here we have sold

bird's nest and so what we're just going

to do we're going to check it for eggs

and babies and if there's no eggs and

babies in it we're going to remove it

and clean the area now you don't want to

have bird bird nesting areas round on

your porch or anything because birds

carry bird mites and take some fleas

seems like that so you just kind of want

be careful now I'm going to check the

nest to secret in eggs or babies it

looks like there's no eggs no babies in

it so we're just going to

that's what bird nests

so what we're going to do we're just

going to take it over into the grassy

area just kind of put it over there so

we can assimilate back into the

wilderness back into the grass so here

we have a bird nest up here and we're

just gonna remove it we're gonna also

check to see if there's any bird eggs in

it or any little babies so if you can't

see over over the top of the nest yes

what we do we just put our hand in the

nest and see gently feel around to see

if we like we can feel any little birds

in there any little eggs I'm not feeling

anything right now so thank you back to

nature I'm not saying no it's just noise

it's still you know so it's full of dirt

I'm not saying just orange fur you can't

put that on the Internet