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How To Get Rid Of Birds Without Killing Them! That's Just Being Humane!

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hello folks once again you watch another

solar model video and I'm even seven

years ago when I moved into my new

residence I learned there was a burden

as Obama front porch this particular

bird nests belong to a very aggressive

species of bird

now I didn't have a power the bird

nesting in that area on my home but I

did have one small problem

the bird will leave bird jobless on my

front doorstep now I should have to see

that anyone who's come to visit me to

see that either I found it to be very

disgusting now sometimes when I came out

of my front door

the birds leader flyweight of staring at

nests but as I see those bird droppings

and when the birds still in this they

were looking at me saying yes we did

fool now what you want to do about it so

I thought to myself take action now

folks I use almost every method to try

to get where they will Spurs but son

seem to work and to the bird got useful

in this video I'm going to show you

which ones that I use start with the

first one yes the old I'll decoy it

worked for a while

the second method I used was the stay of

vinegar an old spray bottle it worked

for a while and the third method I used

was old Seabee it worked for a while but

later on I found out that birds being

birds and birds being assisted they got

used to those methods and I thought I

lost the battle until I tried this

method okay folks this is the final

method I use to try to follow the bird

problem I was having I use this song

right here called bird X bird poop

transparent dependence is basically gel

and a cancer like this one I purchase

this stuff from home people calm you can

either purchase it in a single canister

like this one or you go purchase it by

the case as you go I'll see that

and to be out of it you folks stop

seeing the work and later on the video

I'm going to show you how I wait outside

the bird X jail okay folks would you see

in front of you as an ally on my home

what those pesky birds build nests now

absense of moodle's mist as anna burns

migration period which i would say was

early March to late September and the

first chance I get I'm going to clean

time and paint that area put a little

light mu okay folks I just applied some

of that bird repellent jail and it's

exact motion but before I did I made

sure that area was clean first so it

goes pesky bird start up build a nest

here along this area their feathers and

feet become a contact with repelling

channel and it would say twice before

the devil decides build a nest here ever

again and folks listen let you know the

results or amazing now every now and

then I might catch a few bugs I may be a

house living here now but at the finest

jail I'm satisfied with the results

conceive like I want this battle this

time but birds being birds they could be

very persistent so the next time they

come I just applied another coat

now folks that's our planet jab to that

area of my home I noticed that the birds

have returned ever since and that's a

good thing

now with that jail it's fun to apply to

the area of the home however you're

planning to every six months now folks

at the planet jail

I noticed that my permit problems were

solved so far but the battle still go on

I won this round but birds Dean birds

and birds the assistant as I said in the

video not to attend as a possibility

that they'll come back and then I'll

apply another coat to the area of my

home again deliver those birds leave was

jumping to my front doorstep and I clean

it up I consider to this file but I

thought about their plans now all the

trees are higher on my neighborhood you

mean to tell me they couldn't bitterness

and any one of them but once again I

filed up their plans

don't tell a bit of that's so else I

want this battle but the war is far from


okay folks that film is cruel this video

I would say come in like share subscribe

and once again I'm even and there's no

solid more video piece