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How To Keep The Birds Away!

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although this channel is mostly about

electronics and audio and things like

that I do like to keep it relatively

interesting and mix it up sometimes and

review products that I use that actually

work that I like and you know just kind

of do a variety of different stuff if

you look at the description of this

channel I kind of call it things from

the catalogue of my life and so that

pretty much means products mostly that I

buy and that I like and you know want to

recommend so we're looking at one of

those products right now and it's sort

of an interesting product it's made by

kumbhak Aldi bird that's D - bird and

what these are are like little

reflectors in the shape of vowels and

what they do is they keep the birds away

so they're actually made for if you have

like a crop like a garden or something

like that and you don't want the birds

eating your your garden you can hang

these among the plants in your garden or

you know on your farm or whatever and it

will keep away the the birds because the

reflections kind of bother to bother the

birds and when they see you know the

light reflecting off the mirror then the

bird gets kind of scared away and these

really work I was kind of skeptical at

first but so far I have not had any

birds return to this patio balcony ever

since putting these up and what would

happen before is without these birds

because I live right by the water they

come up onto my balcony and um either

you know poop or just hang out there and

poop or they would bring their food like

they catch something like a clam or

something like that and then try to drop

it onto my balcony which is a concrete

and they would just kind of make a mess

and stuff like that so they try to eat

their food you know on my balcony so

after installing these I haven't had

that problem at all it just kind of has

keep kept the birds away from this whole

general area for the most part so that's

been really

good these look like glass but they're

actually plastic they're just a

reflective plastic it comes with 16 of

these in a pack so you get extras and it

also comes with the hardware here - now

this hardware may not last a really long

time I kind of anticipate it probably

you know rusting out eventually and also

I had to stack a couple of pieces of the

hardware in order to get this low enough

because in high winds this whole thing

can really balance a lot and I do I

didn't want to hit hitting the wood up

here hitting the eaves so you know you

just put it together yourself on how you

want it depending on where you have

yours installed you don't necessarily

have to have them hanging this low but

this is a pretty high wind environment

here and you know I didn't want them

bouncing all over the place and hitting

the hitting the eaves here so you know

with even with the high winds you can

kind of see it there it kind of just

swings freely and you know you can also

make it longer make a long string of

these if you want because they attach

together I just put - you can certainly

put more of the reflective owls so it

kind of looks like a mobile or something

like that

I think the owls are a little bit more

attractive than just like other ones

they make which are just round disks

they also have like reflective tape and

they also have little pieces that are

sort of red and orange and yellow I

think out of all of them you know these

owls are the most attractive ones I mean

they look a little bit weird hanging up

there like that but um for the most part

you know I think they look the best out

of all the ones that I took a look at

and they do really work they are very

effective so check the description field

I'll try to link to these if you want to

get them for yourself and if you have

any problems with Birds so far these

have been quite good and performing well

for me and you know I can show you here

that you know my balcony does is really

clean and everything doesn't have any

bird poop on it or anything like that it

did before and I cleaned it up but this

is kind of where they they land on this

concrete and you know try to break their

shells and stuff from the from picking

up their clams or whatever and try to

eat there

so anyway this is just something that

you know when they land on say this

railing or something like that and they

see something moving above them they

really don't like that and they get

scared away so yeah again check them out

it Spidey bird I think they have a

couple different kits but check the

description field for pricing and

availability and as always for community

and discussion and questions please

check the comments field thanks for