get rid of a

How to get rid of your bird chest !

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yes I'm trying my Porchester how can I

bring it up and I liked how I looked my

last show sorry buddy I gotta burn chest

right but basically me personally what I

like to do is I'll grab a plate doesn't

matter what the weight is 10 20s I see

only they can read their ink learn

yeah honestly the Machine and the jam

slice in today's but try to move for our

taking Clemens to grab the plate and

then place it literally right above

upper chest once you do that come down

the whole point of this exercise come up

and squeeze and just repeat

so lightweight you always want to

lightweight it's more about to squeeze

the pressure and concentration on the

upper chest because it understands upper

chest listen oh but you got instead I'm

a little [ __ ] though

are we all a little bit I mean I could

come think [ __ ] exactly right that's

true how about how about we should add

is like the end exercise first warm it

up what uh personally doesn't matter as

long as you get the contraction that's

what we feel exhausted going to tell

every single fiber either chest don't

little bit come on you know lift got

pretty chest okay that's how I got my

shoulders injuries or are you gonna

forget sure I got a couple of those oh

and just do it so Veritas here it's hand

no matter what I do it's okay are you

gonna post more videos like this sir oh

I'm trying to make some gains when is

coming in let's see how it goes man are

you good

you gotta Instagram you know Sonny

diesel oh yeah so - my name is Sonny

diesel sorry underscore diesel hey

Kamath the muffin Oh nobody

that's how you beginning to get marks no

protein ah

I'll make sure I record you posted

another video for you guys know helpful

tips also look out for my show I won't

say three days Linux in the Europa gotta

you gotta take em oh you got an email

from line coaching online coaching the

laugh at my cook black mr. muffinz 122

at so crispier contact me

whether all from your breath I'm sorry

many plans workout plans anything about

if it fits your macros I like girl huh

actually know where I got to it was

mommy you guys stick so that means no oh

alright guys she live just a muffins out

next time