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EXACTLY What To Do With A BIG Zit or Cyst! (From Experience)

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- Hey, what is going on everybody?

Excuse the any sound that you might hear in the background,

there's some construction going on outside.

But welcome to another acne video.

We've been having some really good acne talks lately,

and they're all sourced by you guys,

so if you have any questions about anything acne related,

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But today's video we are gonna address what to do

when you get a big, big, big, zit or a big cyst.

First off, before we get into anything else,

do not touch your giant cyst or zit if possible.

And by all means, and warning,

there's gonna be some very graphic image

on the screen right now.

By all means, do not touch your face with your hands

or allow anyone else to touch your face

with your hands, like this.

This is not the way to pop a cyst.

So what do we all do when we get a big old cyst,

a big old pressurized zit, anything like that?

We all look at it and we assess whether

or not we can pop it yet.

Is it time to pop it?

Well I'm gonna tell you right now,

something you might now want to hear,

but I've learned this from having many, many a cyst,

so many cysts over the course of my life with acne,

don't touch 'em, ever.

It almost never improves it,

it almost always makes it worse.

Even if you just touch it, not even pop it and stuff,

even if you just brush it or anything like that,

you're going to inflame it just a little bit,

you're gonna irritate it just a little bit,

and it's gonna add so much more fluid to that cyst,

and get so much more angry.

So listen, this is what I found to be the best thing ever

that you could do for any zit at all,

but especially the big cysts and big zits,

is don't touch it and let it heal itself.

And I know that sounds impossible.

How are you supposed to go out in public

with a big whitehead?

And I know most people probably aren't gonna

be able to do it.

But if you can bring yourself to do it, do it.

I got to a point where I literally would go out

and I didn't care.

I would have four whiteheads and a big cyst,

and sometimes it'd even be pusing out and leaking

but it doesn't matter, just don't touch it,

because the amount of time you're gonna have

with that inflamed cyst is gonna be so much longer

than the amount of time you'll deal with just

that whitehead that you don't touch.

Now, if you take my advice and you don't touch it,

eventually either the cyst will drain itself internally,

or it will harden under the skin

and then you'll just have a chunk where that fluid would be,

and the chunk will just naturally come out

in the shower or anything like that.

And then you will literally not have anything,

you'll just have a small hole that

will heal back to a normal-size pore by the next day

and you won't have any redness.

It is the best way to deal with it.

So if you've been successful with

not force popping your cyst,

and you've been waiting, and looks like

it's very pressurized or it's super ready to come out,

what you should do instead of prodding

it with your fingers just straight,

you should either steam it with some hot steam,

put yourself under a blanket and steam your face.

Or just do it in the shower because,

one, your hands will be clean,

so you'll have clean hands to touch your face with,

otherwise you should never touch your face

just purely with your skin.

And also, pretty much what would happen to me

every single time I'd have a big cyst

is I would not touch it, let it get hardened,

I'd go in the shower and I would just be washing myself,

I'd come out, and I'd either realize that the cyst

had just fallen out, or while I was drying myself,

ever so slightly, just very lightly,

I would be able to brush the cyst out of my face.

And then that way I wasn't adding any pressure

or anything like that.

Okay, and now we are going to speak to the dark side.

Because I know a lot of you guys are looking at me

and you're saying, I can't help it,

I'm going to pop my cyst anyways.

So what you should do if you absolutely

have to pop your cyst, is obviously, don't pre-pop it.

Wait until it gets nice and pressurized

like we're talking about,

and then you need to add heat to it,

so you can either use a hot warm towel,

steam yourself, or go in the shower, again.

And then you're gonna use a lance

instead of a sewing needle.

Because I used to do this all the time,

and I know a lot of you guys have done this too,

You take a sewing needle and you try

to pop a little hole into it,

and then you try to apply pressure to it.

Problem is, the hole is so tiny

that the actual cyst fluid, sebaceous fluid,

can't come through that little hole.

So when you're adding pressure to it,

that little hole actually just acts like

a tiny tear in the fabric of defense,

and then it explodes out and then creates

a giant hole and a lot of damage.

So a lance is actually a little bit bigger,

and will cause a correct sized hole.

This is what the dermatologists would do to me,

whenever they had to drain a cyst is they would use a lance.

I'll be mentioning a few different products

and a few different things.

I'll link everything below the video

so that you guys can just find it immediately.

Now another strategy instead of lancing and draining it,

what you can actually do is,

this is something I never actually did

because I found out about this after I had dealt

with all my most huge cystic acne problems,

a hydrocolloid bandage.

Basically this is used for any type

of thing on your body that would have fluid in it.

If it's like a blister, a wart,

or anything else on your body,

people will use these hydrocolloid bandages,

put it on it, and then overnight it will pull

the fluid out of your body.

So if you have a cyst you can actually put

those hydrocolloid bandages over your cyst,

and then overnight, theoretically,

it will pull the fluid out,

if the fluid is ready to be pulled out.

If it's way too early in the cyst's life

then you won't be able to get

any results out of this at all.

Okay, now we've reached the point where

the cyst has either been naturally drained,

or naturally removed from your face,

or forcefully popped by you,

or lanced, or hydrocolloid bandages,

and you're gonna have either a little bit of redness

or a lot of redness depending on which one you did.

Now if the area around your cyst is really red

because either you forcefully popped it yourself,

of it's just an irritated area,

what you should do is use witch hazel,

which is an astringent.

So an astringent is great because it causes

the tissues of the body to constrict and get smaller.

So it helps with the actual inflammation and swelling

of the cyst, and it also helps a bit with the redness.

Now assuming that your face is warm, or hot,

because you were popping it in the shower,

or steaming it, or whatever the case may be,

now you need to wash it with cold water.

This is gonna help all the pores around it close up

so that they won't catch any of the bacteria

from the popped cyst itself.

You need to wash it completely with cold water

so that it is nice and flushed out,

there's no cystic fluid around it at all left on the face.

And then also, cool temperatures will just help

with the redness, and the swelling in general.

So if you're in a colder room,

or if you're in a cold atmosphere,

which is great for people who live in colder places.

Or if you have a cold spoon, or a cold towel,

or really anything cold that you can put on your face,

that will help a lot with the swelling and the redness.

For you ladies out there, be very,

very careful with your makeup.

Actually this applies to guys too,

because I remember a point when I would use brown concealer,

I would try to actually conceal my cysts and zits,

be very careful with what you put on your face.

Anything you put on your face,

I know it will help actually go in public,

to kinda conceal it, but if it's open,

if you have any cysts or zits,

it's gonna clog and plug those pore up,

and cause you to have more blackheads,

and more cysts, and more zits,

and then you're gonna use more makeup

to cover those that you pop,

and then you're going to cause yourself

so much more than you need.

Overall, the best advice that I can give you

for dealing with any big zit or cyst,

is do not touch it at all.

Most likely, 95% of the time,

you are just gonna make it worse.

Most likely what is gonna happen too,

is a lot of people want to pop their cysts

before it's actually even surfacing to the skin.

So you're causing so much pressure in that cyst,

and I bet you've had this happen before,

where you try pushing on a cyst and doesn't actually pop,

no fluid actually comes out the top.

You have just caused yourself two to three times

the amount of time with that cyst,

and the size of that cyst,

because it didn't pop on the top of the skin,

thus, that pocket where the sebum fluid is inside

of that cyst actually popped underneath, under the skin.

So now you have inflammation under the skin,

swelling up and gathering even more sebum fluid

and extra material.

And that is the reason that I tell everybody not

to touch their face,

because most of the time you cannot pop it in a good way.

Even when you do pop the top of the skin,

oftentimes the bottom of the skin also pops,

extra pressure, extra inflammation, it's almost always bad.

So, just cope with the little white dot,

or the big, big dot, whatever, it's always gonna be better,

I guarantee, than popping it.

I'm sorry, cysts themselves, are a very heated topic

with me, because that was my form of acne.

I had hella blackheads, and I had hella nodular cysts.

I also had the whiteheads and stuff,

but cysts are like, that's my specialty,

that is what I know well,

and I just know that you shouldn't touch them.

But anyways, that is it for this video,

I just wanted to really quickly go through

this question with you guys.

A lot of people had asked me,

how do you deal with a big cyst,

or a big zit that comes up overnight,

how's the best way to approach it?

This is the best way to approach it, in my opinion,

and with the experience that I've gone through

with dealing with cysts.

I love making these videos, I love connecting with you guys,

#TEAMACNE, you guys are all my acne brothers and sisters,

and I'm not even kidding with that.

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