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Greg Zanis - Scraping Apart A Big Projection TV

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what goodies are hiding inside of us

here oh I'm gonna do is cut the cord off

I'm gonna scrap this big TV and of


okay okay look at this right and here

look at all these wires I'm gonna I'm

gonna separate this later but inside

each of these you see that copper coil

right in there that's what I'm after

okay like I say this this is this is the

number one thing I'm after right here I

just busted all three of those at the

same time but let's look what's hiding

in here look at this copper times three

one two three of these and down here

there's some aluminum and motherboards

and I'm going to burn all this

that's what I'm looking for that

motherboards here speakers some

motherboards here again then I had the

rest of this just plain scrap anybody

can put the rest of that in your garbage

can I just feel so good doing that I I

just can't tell you my adrenaline is

rushing bad Greg is that a drug Oh

don't seem crazy but it's alright he

heals God look at look at then this is

I'm allowed to burn where I live I'm

gonna burn all of the box off I got this

goes in to recycle so that's worth

nothing plastic and then here's here's

why I do it

this is steel right there screws metal

framing the fields and this is aluminum

breakage here I'm gonna try to make a

pure aluminum but I didn't know this

thing was cast aluminum in there three

of these on the motherboards there's a

lot of aluminum parts here's what I got

here for motherboards office and later

on I'm planning to pop all of these off

all the copper anything I can find in

there and then or take a look here this

is like I said the extension cord

holding hopper here

you know they this is worth it right

here and here like I showed you these

already there's three of these the

speakers have copper in them and the

last thing is the reflecting glass

so that's the end of the little big TV

set so this takes a little time if

you're Bart

get your sledgehammer out feel good and

the last thing is ah the glasses here

these are I'm not sure what they are

okay thank you very much for watching