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How to Kill A Spider with 2 Everyday Household Items - Marshall Edgar

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don't kill the spider as you gotta like

send them outdoors know if they are

indoors if they are inside where they're

not supposed to be they die let's get

started I'm in the passenger seat

my brother is driving his wife's in the

car my sisters in the car there's four

of us we're on Las Olas in South Florida

going over a bridge and my sisters like

Marco I was like I know because we all

kind of knew that the spider was like

right there so you know we're talking

about the doorways here the he was like

right there is gonna fall down on me do

I look at it is I'm gonna bite me is it

gonna like run amok in the car but if I

look at it I'm even more terrified and

scared immediately I don't even know how

it happened

all the doors flew open we all ran out

of that car and of course we're

screaming and we're dancing or pulling

her clothes off we didn't know what to


and that's when we sent my sister-in-law

Joyce into the car this girl doesn't

care about spiders she's like it's dead

and we're like show us the body as I

don't believe until I see that body and

of course we couldn't produce a body and

I just wasn't having it so my sister and

I were just like what do we do we walked

spiders are out to get you they are not

your friend

they will terrorize you any moment they

can we are going to beat them with two

items that you have around your house

duct tape and a roll of wrapping paper

obviously it's not a real spider if it

was a real spider I would not be

standing here someone else would be

killing it here's how it works

I Drive a big piece you want to make

sure that you get the spider

and I'm just going to roll it see how

I'm doing that very sticky my end of the

wrapping paper goes there watch what I

do next

can you see that now great that you will

when you get to this moment you will be

terrified look at the size of that thing

and as you'd go closer and closer and

closer you ever feel like it's gonna

like run away or like jump onto you or

like onto your arm or onto the floor

like trust me I'm like you hold it here

do you see that and while you're

screaming and terrified you really put

your pressure into it and you twist and

then you'll hold it out like that

because they're terrified right and look

it works it's a text to the tape but if

you twist it correctly the tape actually

envelops the creature so it can't go

anywhere and this is the point where

it's smooshed and there's blood and guts

and you just punch it like that and it

can't go anywhere grab another piece of

tape and you like tape it to die


does when you're in their territory

you're walking to your car it's late at

night you open the front door of your

house and you need to leave and there's

like webs and spiders and you don't know

what's lurking you got to knock them

down go do this and then what you do

with your wrapping paper is you put it

in the backseat of your car I don't like

it in the front seat oh now I want to

hear from all the people that are not

scared of spiders I want to hear from

the people that are scared of spiders I

want to hear your tricks and tips on how

you kill them the comment subscribe to

your friends I really want to know how

many of you guys are gonna take my

advice and kill a spider the correct way

I just taught you you guys have a good

day and stay clear of all the spiders No