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Right Way To Clean A Flat Screen TV (LED, Plasma, & LCD)

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so there's a wrong and right way to

clean your TV and I'm gonna go through

both with you just to make sure you're

doing it right so your TV can last as

long as possible and all we need to do

this it's a microfiber cloth some water

tap water is cool and make sure you have

the right microfiber cloth so the

microfiber sponge it's a no-no I try to

myself and it's still up streets maybe

the thin material or the sponge in

between it the cloth is easy to find if

you can't find it in the cleaning

session in the store check the car wash

session and do not use Windex

multipurpose cleaners and paper towels -

do not spray directly on your TV and the

last thing on the do not to do list is

do not try to clean your TV while it's

still on and if the microfiber cloth is

not doing the job this is when the water

comes into play just need a little dab

of water just to get a little moist you

don't need it to be so it should be just

wet enough so it can add dry normally

all right so that's it they have any

questions just leave me a comment that's

all I have for you hope this helps you

out much loved each and every one of you

I'm your download and pirate and I'm out