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How to choose the correct picture size for HD viewing on your TV

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welcome to video 3 of the

picture-perfect series hopefully you've

watched a video too in which we showed

you how to select the correct picture

mode on your TV next you need to ensure

you have the correct picture size

because the wrong picture size will

squeeze stretch or zoom the image losing

detail so you won't be getting the food

picture we want to choose the picture

size which exactly fits the image to

your TV there will be a button on your

remote control specifically for changing

the picture size the name of this button

varies from one week to another but the

most common are pea-sized aspect or

ratio some manufacturers use a symbol

instead which looks something like this

when you press the picture size button a

menu of options will appear your TV will

probably be set to auto or 16 by 9 which

zooms in the image losing parts of the

picture at the edges this is fine for

standard definition viewing however the

best picture size option for

high-definition viewing is the one that

lines up the HD picture exactly to your

screen the name of this picture size

option varies from one make to another a

complete list of the names for each

manufacturer can be found on the


step one web page highlight the correct

picture size option based upon this list

and select it with your remotes on our

example TV here it's called just scan as

you can see we now have the full text

and 5% marker visible as the HD image no

exactly matches the screen this means

you're getting the full image without

any unwanted picture zooming and this

completes step 1 of the picture-perfect

series by following the two simple tips

on how to set up picture modes and

picture size you will have significantly

improved your TV picture come

- its out-of-the-box settings it will be

far more natural and detailed whilst

this is a good start that are of course

a host of other controls on your TV

recover these controls in step two at my

perfect picture TV where you can also

get specific help setting up your TV