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Dr. Pimple Popper Demonstrates How to Remove an Ingrown Hair

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Voyles bumps and bulging lumps as we a

view start to see our bodies change in

shocking ways how do you know if what's

on your skin is a reason to be concerned

today I have a pimple popping

professional who says these worries are

all too common please welcome dr. pimple

popper herself author up put your best

face forward dr. Sandra Lee she sees all

kinds of bumps and lumps on a daily

basis what's the biggest mistake you see

folks make it probably they don't come

in soon enough no they let things grow

to a big size and I mean I see some

really big ones in my office alright

let's look at some of these different

types of bumps and lumps that we find

that our skin and we under start with

one thanks you know because we asked

well you guys said in your love to

concern you and dr. pimple popper

herself is here to help figure out the

answers to these so this is a pretty

typical image that we get what's going

on here this is what I call an abscess

but a lot of people know as a boil

that's probably more of a layman's term

and the problem is is that there's

pressure underneath there and we need it

to be released and so the best thing

that you need to do the most important

thing that you need to do at home if you

can't see a doctor is to really apply

warm compresses to this maybe we're good

if you push here it's still sort of hard

right like flatulence uh-huh so that's

starting to come to a head but we need

more of it to come to a head because we

want it to get so superficial that it

ruptures on its own the thin skin will

not be able to yes the warmth allow kind

of draws is up to the surface and allows

it to I built you a model just for you

all making this for you dr. popper so

the first thing you said this is the

skin obviously there's all the layers of

this skin beneath these apps is you can

go pretty deep in here you said put a

warm compress on there right hey not

boiling just warm yeah just soak it how

long um maybe like 15 minutes 20 minutes

even if you want to take a hot shower

that helps too because then you're

cleaning - you're in the shower and that

helps to bring it to the surface you

want it to come most superficial because

the most the more superficial something

is the less likely it is to cause as

much of a scar but you want to get rid

of that pressure because that pressure

is what makes it so uncomfortable the

moment that that releases people really

feel great so I'm gonna put the gloves

on to keep your hands clean this do I

need a splash mat you might we'll say

okay let's say I put the soaks on there

it's really

go right you'll notice by the way

there's a little black mark there that's

typical because that's you often have a

little hair stuck in your pimple right

yes the foreign bodies causing the

problem and then as you put the warm

soaks on there you'll get a little

weakness there and the weakness you'll

start to get a little bit of this you

look at that now what I often take I

don't have you ever do this a sterile

needle and I'll go a little bit of

horizontal like that and puncture it but

often times you don't have to do that

all you've got to do geez

let's resist it you got to do is

continue to put that warm compress yeah

what time you'll gently you see that yes

and this is gently come more and more

and more and then here's the best part

that one that I love doing which you can

start to do now once you guys allowed

that pus out like get your tweezers you

can do it tweezers go in there and get

that hair this is gonna feel so good

that's what then that's what it does

that feel good anybody does that feel

good I mean please it's not you you pay

to be able to do this you can and once

you once this is out of course the hair

is out of there then all this

inflammation goes away everyone's happy

and you can show off my video it says

dr. pimple popper that's right I do need

those videos right that was great be

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