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6 Home Hemorrhoid Treatment Tips - How Doctors Treat Hemorrhoids

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no one may want to talk about

hemorrhoids but about 40% of people have

them so it's vital that we do it's one

of those potentially embarrassing

medical conditions that patients are

afraid to talk to their doctor about so

in today's video I'll review six tips to

help treat hemorrhoids at first on your

own at home well what's up happy people

I'm dr. mast a practicing family

medicine physician here to help save the

busy person and unnecessary visit to the

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conditions a playlist that I have now

created on this channel along with more

home treatment strategies for common

medical conditions for you and your

family before I review the treatment to

make certain that what you're actually

suffering from is a hemorrhoid which are

inflamed blood vessel protrusions either

on the inside of the rectum or bulging

on the outside although less common

there are other conditions and some of

them may be more serious that can mimic

hemorrhoid symptoms tip number one stool

softeners constipation is the number one

cause of hemorrhoid the last thing you

want is to have to strain when you're

having a hemorrhoid flare it's not

pleasant consider it over the counter

stool softeners such as decussate sodium

or kool-aid up to 250 milligrams once

daily it's not a laxative and it can be

taken long-term if needed

better yet increase your intake of

natural stool softeners in your diet

like prunes and pears tip number two

laxatives if you are constipated like

let's say you have hardened or less

frequent stools if you're straining or

if you have a feeling of incomplete

evacuation etc consider an osmotic

laxatives rather than a stimulant one

which is an overall safer product since

it simply pulls the water into the stool

and then a softens it polyethylene

glycol can be taken up to two times a

day until the stool is soft

thanks toothpaste tip number three

increased fiber typical adults need a

minimum of five servings of fruits and

veggies a day or 25 to 35 grams a day

consider higher fiber foods like prunes

plums apricots raisins peas broccolis

and beans and if you're unable to

consume enough fiber then over the

or fiber supplements like psyllium which

is Metamucil may be necessary

start small and increase it slowly in

order to avoid side effects look for

100% whole wheat bread use brown rice

instead of white and avoid simple sugars

like sweet sodas and white bread tip

number four drink more water if you're

constipated increasing fluid intake can

actually help prevent heart and stool

avoid caffeine and alcohol which are

diuretics that are drying tip number 5

increase your physical activity because

this helps get the gut moving to

consider 30 minutes of cardiovascular

exercise on most days of the week and

last but not least tip number 6

over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatment

now over the counter hemorrhoids

suppositories or rectal topical that

contain hydrocortisone which is a

steroid like in preparation-h but

honestly the generics

will work just as fine so no need to

spend more this can help shrink up the

hemorrhoids but should not be used

longer than a week to avoid thinning of

the rectal skin which is one of the side

effects of these steroid creams tox pads

and warm sis packs two to three times

the day can also help soothe and relax

the discomfort now if these tips are

still insufficient to bring you relief

never hesitate to see your doctor

honestly we see this every single day

although it may be a potentially

embarrassing topic for you it's really

not at all for us this is a good time to

also remind you that if you're 50 years

of age or older or if you have a family

history of colon cancer make certain

that you're also up to date on your

colon cancer screening if you found the

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healthy and I'll catch you next time