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How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

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hey everyone and welcome to top think

today we're going to learn about how to

get rid of a double

chin now let's begin number one

the wide smile did you know that smiling


sharpen your jawline raising and

widening your mouth

challenges a number of muscles in your

mouth chin and neck

you can actually get rid of your double

chin by forcing yourself to smile

now for this exercise smile as wide as

you can

keeping your teeth closed the goal is to

stretch the corners of your lips

so focus on the width of your smile now

with your lips stretched wide

push your tongue against the roof of

your mouth just behind your front teeth

start slow and increase that pressure

over a few seconds

the combination of lip and tongue

extension creates a simple yet

challenging exercise

for the lower half of your face the lips

challenge the outer muscles around your

mouth and chin

while the tongue creates tension in the

jaw and neck

if you can hold this position for a

maximum of five

seconds after five seconds then take a

short break

give your muscles a little time to

unwind and then repeat this process

it helps to practice this exercise in

front of a mirror and that way you can

see how your muscles are changing in

your face

don't worry about how your smile looks

if your face

doesn't look tense and pained well then

you're not doing it right

number two back support your neck

back and shoulders are far more

connected than most people realize

if you have poor posture in your spine

it may be damaging the posture of your

neck too

that bad posture can easily create a

double chin

you typically develop poor posture when

the muscles in your back are not strong


to support your body every day gravity

weighs down on you

it pushes on your head your neck and

your shoulders if your muscles aren't

strong enough to resist that force

then you begin to hunch forward your

back curves

your shoulders fall and your neck angles


together these slumps in your posture

cause many negative side effects from

back pain

to double chins so if you want to get

rid of your double chin

pay attention to your posture do you

hunch forward while you work

do you experience back and shoulder pain

if the answer is yes then you may have

bad posture

luckily there are a number of changes

you can make to improve your posture

for example try adding a back support to

your office chair

this back support will keep you from

hunching and slowly strengthen the

muscles around your spine

when the posture of your spine improves

the neck and shoulders

are sure to follow number three

hold the ball can you hold an object

under your chin

this exercise is one of the most

effective and challenging on this list

it engages a wide variety of muscles by

forcing you to hold an object

with only your chin to perform this

exercise you do need

one piece of equipment you'll need a 9

to 10 inch ball

which you'll place under your chin if

you don't have a ball this size there

are plenty of household items that you

can use

for example an apple or an orange work

just as well

now take your ball or fruit and place it

between your neck and chin

your job is to hold the ball against

your neck using only the strength of

your chin

now once you've got the ball in position

keep it steady for at least

five seconds this exercise is a lot

harder than it looks

but it tackles the area around your chin


as your jawline gets sharper this

exercise will get easier

you'll notice more space movement and

flexibility around your neck and chin

you can repeat this exercise up to 25

times every single day

if you're just sitting at your desk

working or browsing the internet

hold the ball under your chin don't

worry too much about form

if you can hold the ball in place then

you're doing just fine

now it may be too difficult or awkward

to hold the ball under your chin at


if this exercise is too difficult then

try another one first

simply tuck your chin down towards your

neck try to familiarize your muscles

with this movement

tucking your chin will stretch the

muscles in your jaw and neck

giving you strength and flexibility when

you feel more confident then try using

the ball

even if you can only hold the ball for

two or three seconds challenge yourself

every day if you practice consistently

the strength and shape of your chin

will improve in no time

number four resistance exercises

this exercise targets areas of fat

around the neck and shin

start out by making fists with both your

hands then place both fists

directly under your chin now move your

lower jaw

downward creating resistance with your


the goal here is to overcome the

resistance created by your hands which

engages important muscles around your


at first keep your resistance light and

then gradually increase the pressure

over a few seconds

when you reach your maximum resistance

hold your jaw in that position

for three full seconds you can repeat

this exercise between 5 and 10 times per


like all the different exercises on this

list remember to pace yourself

and be mindful of your muscles weak

muscles around your jaw

chin and neck can strain easily so pay

attention to any pain or soreness

number five cheek puffing this simple

exercise can make a huge impact on your

double chin

start by sucking in a big breath of air

but don't exhale

instead close your mouth and hold that

breath inside your cheeks

you should feel a light tension in your

cheeks as they puff up and out

keeping your cheeks full of air press

your open palms against your cheeks

gently create resistance with your hands

if you can

hold this position for a maximum of 5


then relax your cheeks and release the

air from your mouth

just take a few seconds to recover and

regain your breath

you can repeat this exercise between 5

and 10 times each day

if done correctly cheek puffing is a

quick and accessible exercise

that challenges muscles we rarely ever

use like

smiling you should do this exercise in

front of a mirror

cheek puffing doesn't look pretty but

it's important to see the tension in

your muscles as you practice

over time you'll notice more power in

your cheeks and more definition

around your chin number six

pucker your lips did you know that

kissing can actually refine

your jawline puckering your lips

challenges muscles around your mouth

chin and neck you can easily get rid of

your double chin by

puckering up on a daily basis start by

tilting your head back

so that your eyes are looking directly

at the ceiling now as you look up

feel a light stretch in the muscles in

your neck

next pucker your lips almost like you're

trying to kiss the ceiling

now keep your lips puckered as tightly

as you can for three to five seconds

puckering your lips stretches the same

neck muscles but it also creates tension

in your chin

and jawline after three to five seconds

have passed

relax your lips and return your head to

a normal forward facing position

now give your muscles a short break

before repeating this process

you can perform this exercise on a daily

basis as long as it feels comfortable on

your neck muscles

if this exercise is too easy try weaving

in other exercises from this list

after puckering your lips move your

mouth into a wide smile

the wide smile will challenge and engage

different muscles

continuing to strengthen the jaw and

neck alternate between the two exercises

making sure to settle into a neutral

position between each one

just like before make sure to rest and

give your neck muscles a break after

five to ten repetitions

raising your neck for long periods of

time can lead to soreness and strain

number seven the neck roll our last

exercise builds strength in the neck and

jaw while also relieving unnecessary

tension around your head

in this exercise you'll gently and

carefully roll your neck in a wide


stretching your muscles into new and

challenging positions

start out by lowering your chin to your

chest this position activates the

muscles at the front of your neck

at the same time it stretches the

muscles at the back of your neck

from this position roll your head slowly

to the left

here many people make the same mistake

you may turn your head like you're

looking to the left

but this only contorts the muscles in

your neck

instead of turning your head keep your

eyes forward and bend

at the neck if done correctly your head

should settle at a soft diagonal

now as you bend don't worry about

tilting your head too far

your head doesn't need to touch your

shoulder bend until you feel a relaxing


and then stop hold this position for

five seconds before returning your chin

to your chest

now repeat the process on the right side

gently roll your head to the right

making sure to bend at the neck hold for

five seconds and then bring your chin

back to the chest

you can alternate like this for 30

seconds at a time the neck roll can


general neck pain while creating a great

stretch in those all-important neck


after practicing this exercise regularly

you'll notice more flexibility and

definition around your neck

and jaw hey thank you for watching top

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