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5 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt - Exercises to Lift and Tone Your Butt and Thighs

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hey guys it's Kelly from fitness wonder

comm and today I have a very short very

effective button thigh workout for you

you're not going to need a single piece

of equipment for this and in under five

minutes your muscles are going to be

screaming and burning like crazy let's

go ahead and get started

make sure that you do a warm-up before

you jump into the 13 otherwise we're

doing 40 seconds on 5 seconds off we're

starting off with ski squats so the

stands nice and close feet close

together just think back into a squat

keep your back flat keep your gaze

forward make sure you're not rounding

your shoulders or tipping you're tucking

your head in keep a nice flat back and

press up through those heels on your way

up make sure you're squeezing your

glutes all the way up inhale on the way

down exhale on the way up ten seconds

left next up we're doing sumo squats so

same thing we're doing a squat but a lot

wider stance on this one all right so

five seconds rest very quick transition

set those feet sink down into your squat

so really deep same rules keep your back

flat your gaze up press up through your

heels you're going to feel this one the

outside of your thighs as well as your


nice and easy so far right just wait

till the nice animals if you need to

stop you can it's a very quick routine

but it's really intense so if you need

to stop you can't otherwise cab waits

and you can make it even harder but next

up we're doing pop squats so get a nice

little break here keep feet moving and

start it up so down pop your feet back

up together in each time you're touching

down with the opposite hand make sure

you're not holding your breath 15

seconds I just found another lower body

routine before this so I don't know how

these next couple intervals are gonna go

it could get ugly

bear with me 2 1 hey jog for just a

second next up we're doing a squat hold

so just sinking down and staying here

for 40 seconds Oh already complaining so

we get try to keep your weight in your

heels you can even lift your pads your

feet up off the ground that's how much

you want to be leaning back say as low

as you can you can always pop up stretch

them out if you need to always stay down

okay the bad news is the next interval

is really gonna hurt the good news is we

don't have two left oh okay our next one

is squat pulse so same thing we're going

down in that squat we're pulsing right

here just staying in that really painful

part of it and not coming up Oh

this burns shaking out of uni - so when

you're pulsing it's really smooth soft


you're not jerking just keep it nice and

smooth my thighs are down already I

don't know you guys five seconds left -

one shaking all real quick oh oh that

burns okay last one jump squats because

what else right keep pushing

make sure you're landing soft OH

20 seconds left that's our halfway point

so I can to take a break sometimes just

a 1 2 second break is enough to go back

into it five seconds two one oh oh my

gosh ok I hope you liked it make sure

that you do a cool down and stretch

good job guys this workout is complete