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How To Heal Bruises FAST With 4 EASY Steps

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hey everybody I'm here today to tell you

how to heal bruises fast in this video

I'm going to be going over four key

things that you can do to get a bruise

gone out of sight as quickly as possible

let's get right to it the first thing is

to ice the bruised area as soon as you

know that a bruise might be appearing so

if you for instance hit your shoulder

and you feel like you're going to get a

bruise over there you want to get an ice

pack or a nice a cold compress and you

want to put it on the area on and off

for about three hours immediately after

you have the suspicion that you might be

getting a bruise but that's going to do

is that's going to reduce the overall

bruising so you're going to give

yourself the best chance at getting rid

of the bruise quickly because you are

who you are limiting how bad it will be

to begin with the the better off that

the bruises to begin with the faster

that you can get rid of it in general so

that's what you do if you know that the

bruise is happening if you already have

a bruise then you're going to do the

next three things so number two in this

video is get a cone and go in a circular

motion over the bruise area so for

instance if you have a bruise over here

in your pectoral area you want to get a

comb and rub it in a circular motion

over the bruise okay and what that's

going to do is that's going to stimulate

the blood circulation and blood flow

that's going to allow blood to hit the

surface of the bruised area which is an

essence going to allow the bruise to

heal and be gone much faster number

three in this video is consume vitamin C

now you can do this by eating an orange

or you can do this by by consuming a

supplement for vitamin C it doesn't

matter how you get the vitamin C but the

important thing is that you consume a

good amount of vitamin C so look at the

daily recommended intake for your body

and sort of the daily maximum intake and

work with those numbers okay so you want

to consume vitamin C because it gives

your body the fighting properties that

it needs to get the blood circulating

quickly and get rid of that bruise as

quickly as possible

and number four last but not least in

this video is probably the most

unconventional method but it actually

can work wonders depending on how your

body responds to it you want to get some

cayenne pepper

and you want to rub it over the bruise

area so if I had a bruise over here I

would get some cayenne pepper

I would rub it over the bruised area

what that's going to do is that's going

to reduce the overall visibility of the

bruise and get it allowed to be gone

much faster

that's because cayenne pepper has

something called capsaicin what

capsaicin does is it does a great job it

actually works wonders with some

people's bodies at reducing the

visibility of a bruise some people would

even recommend mixing some cayenne

pepper in with some Vaseline and just

rubbing it over the area or mixing it in

with some water and then rubbing it over

the area you can experiment and see what

works well with your body but the

important thing is that you get cayenne

pepper and you rub it over the area

that's the number one most important

thing for step number four

that's basically it in this video I've

outlined four key things that you can do

to get rid of a bruise fast these are

pretty much natural methods and they

actually can work wonders if you can

combine all four of these you can get

rid of the Bruce faster than you would

have ever imagined and it's literally

literally that simple once again I'll go

over the four things the first one was

goes a cold compress over the area as

soon as you feel like you might have a

bruise that might be forming number two

is get a coleman rub in a circular

motion over the bruise once it it are at

once it has already formed number three

consume vitamin C number four get

cayenne pepper and either rub it on the

bruised area by itself or mix it with

water or Vaseline and rub it over the

bruised area and that's basically it I

really hope that you have enjoyed this

video I apologize for the Sun glare

continually coming in to the camera's

view but I'm doing my best if you like

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