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How to get rid of wasp / bees nest from close distance | TigerFamilyLife~

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all right so we got a wasp nest in here

I don't know I'm gonna grab this so

close I spray everything a bounce right

back at me so I have to figure something

out here we'll be back after dinner let

them calm down and I'm going to use this

to take care of business crying hey

where is it at

well I'm gonna please Donna stay for me

go ahead in Irvine flash mm-hmm

oh you're gonna have your help flush

where is it which corner up above it

that's why he's so fun okay

get some of this earlier spray in here

right hold up flush

right there

just gonna call I mean it's gone

my boy you hold it man get these mmm I

have to go how could I do it

there's no other way I can reach it I

can touch the top I'm gonna grab it 20

come we have to grab I don't know how am

i right now why you can't run out and

rely okay I know

I didn't know do they go no look at that

it weren't creepy oh there's like wow

look at the I can see like the juice in

the car

and uh what is that thing behind Wow

well we have to do it huh huh

be careful with the other breed things I

think is grab it


oh look look is in there

oh my ok gonna get this one again yellow

okay any more any left

let it you look live on the ground

all right good clean

Jerry it's good at the business perfect

how you catch a little wasp hive

business taking care