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Quick Home Remedy For Blasting Bezoars

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hey guys and welcome to bear time to

talk today I want to talk about bees

Wars you might ask what is a bezoar

a bezoar is a tightly packed collection

of partially digested or undigested food

that cannot exit the stomach bezoar is

usually form in a stomach but sometimes

they form in a small intestine and

rarely in the large intestine and they

can occur in children or adults now

there are certain people who are at risk

for getting measles and those are the

people who have had gastric surgery that

result in delayed stomach emptying

people who have had the creased stomach

size or reduced stomach acid people who

have diabetes or end-stage kidney

failure and people who received

breathing help with mechanical

ventilation no I don't come into any of

those categories thankfully so I don't

know why I keep getting them but I know

that I'm getting it and this is how I

know now first of all there like three

types of B sores but I don't want to get

into all the technical stuff about them

just know that it's a little mass of

food that can't pass okay so the

symptoms are lack of appetite nausea

vomiting weight loss and feeling of


after eating only little food that's the

one that I get I get the nausea and I

get that feeling of fullness and I'm

even after even maybe just five months

literally five minutes I'll get that way

and so usually I try to lip whatever is

happening kind of pass on its own drink

a lot of water and stuff like that but

there are times when I have to do my

little home remedy and that's what I'm

here to share with you guys today is a

little home remedy to get rid of B sores

okay now I'm going to go into the

kitchen and I'm going to use this thing

right here I'm gonna create a bezoar and

know I'm not gonna be chewing up the

food and make it all gross I'm gonna put

it in the blender and then I'm gonna do

like broccoli cabbage and some romaine

lettuce and put it in the blender and

make a ball and it big enough to be

stuck in this jar right here and then

I'm gonna show you how my home at home

remedy works because pretty much you

can't see it if it's going through my


my intestines right you only have to

take my word for it but with this we're

gonna do a little science project here

and you know your kids could probably do

this for the kids that are in fifth

grade or under you can do this for a

science project just to show how you can

break up a bezoar would not be fun for

all you people who watch my show and

have young kids but anyways let's go

into the kitchen and I'll show you what

we do and then I'll be back to recreate

this food blockage I'm gonna use

broccoli lettuce and some cabbage I've

put it in a nutribullet and I've stuffed

it inside the cylinder the cylinder is

supposed to like represent our

intestines alright so here comes the

coke this happened to be room

temperature but you can definitely use

cold and just pour a little bit in so

you don't really need to drink a whole

lot and take a look at what happens

almost immediately it moves the blockage

out of the way now take a look at what

happens when we use water so if you have

a blockage in your drinking water this

is what's happening it's just bubbling

and moving so slowly trying to do the

job of getting rid of this blockage and

it moves it in little particles and by

the way I don't get this blockage too

often anymore I get it when I eat nuts

or cheese and I just avoid those take a

look at coke again guys I've put the

blockage in the cylinder once again and

take a look in no time at all boom it's

gone I just love this was not fun that

was so cool did you guys see when I did

the water or the water didn't really do

anything it just kind of sat there and

spun and spun and spun and in a minute I

put the coke it was like boom it really

spooked me because that's how it feels

whenever I get this way and I drink even

just half the bottle of the coke you

don't have to drink the whole thing and

it's not when I'm drinking coke every

day this is like once every three months

or so I get that way and I know it's not

because it hurts like right behind my

navel and then it just kind of doubles

me over in pain and I'm like what did I

eat then usually it's something with

nuts and I'm like okay I've got a bezoar

let's get rid of this sucker right here

and I drink half the coke doesn't matter

if it's a room-temperature coke or a

cold coke you just drink it and pretty

soon I promise you within like five

minutes you feel something new

kind of like a big ol ball moving

through your stomach and then pretty

soon you're running to the bathroom so

be forewarned you're gonna have to run

to the bathroom so don't try to get rid

of your bezoar when you're out in the

street and don't have access to a

bathroom okay pretty gross right

anyways I wanted to share this with you

because I have a lot of little home

remedy that might seem kind of

off-the-wall but they work and I look

this up while I was deciding to do this

as a show and research has shown that it

only seems to be coke that works the

best to get rid of esource Pepsi and the

other coal as don't seem to do the trick

and I tend to agree with the research

because I've tried Pepsi before and I

didn't feel any better but I only did it

once so I kind of figured maybe the B's

or just in move so Coke is the way to go

and can't say enough not sponsored by

coke but definitely it works for this

and I hope if you guys have any of these

symptoms again in the future try this or

the home remedy and if you see that you

feel better afterwards and you know you

probably had a bezoar and if it doesn't

if you don't feel any better then it's

probably something else that's wrong

with you and it could be anything from

gastritis to you know major things so

just kind of keep monitor of your help

okay I do have a lot of stomach issues

and I'm glad to find any kind of relief

that I can find I don't take

over-the-counter drugs because I have

adverse reaction to many of them because

I was born with a rare deficiency of an

enzyme in my blood and basically it

prohibits me from taking a lot of the

natural little things that you guys can

go they're not natural they're medicines

but like the basic things that you guys

do to paint stuff you know whatever I

want to call the name I can't do any of

those because of the deficiency and so

basically I have to find home remedies

for everything

so thank you guys so much for tuning in

to this episode of their pantry talk and

I'll see you guys again soon okay

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