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How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Pooch? - Try Reverse Sit-ups Says Dr.Berg

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hi guys in this video we're gonna talk about the best exercise for that lower

belly pooch that flab in your lower part of your stomach okay so many people go

to the gym and they're doing massive amounts of sit-ups

okay and that's fine but it doesn't necessarily get rid of that looseness

okay that loose skin or a little flab in the lower part right here because if you

think about it when you do a sit-up you are basically causing the lower part

of your your stomach to relax and become even looser okay what we want to do is

reverse situps okay like in this example right here where

the person is extending back so you want to tighten up your butt muscles and

extend back okay over and over and over that's going to tighten the lower

abdomen muscles okay and the skin then over time it'll tighten that lower area

and so what I would recommend just starting out to prevent any lower back

pain is to do it about twenty-five times okay rest for a few minutes

do it 25 times rest do it 25 times you'll feel that your stomach kind of

even goes in just from that alone so you want to play around with this to make

sure that your lower back does not get too painful because you're going back

and you're not used to it so make sure that when you do this you tighten your

butt muscles up just to keep that area very very stable now the next day if

you're sore of course weight to your nuts or maybe do it every other day and

you keep increasing this slowly over time to the point where maybe you're

doing 53 sets of 50 and you're really creating a nice change in your lower

abdomen now as far as a diet standpoint definitely a healthy keto and

intermittent fasting but there's two tweaks number one you have to keep your

carbs below 10 grams not 20 30 or 50 grams you've got to bring it all the way

down because that will force your body to really target the middle section the

middle section is where a lot of the insulin receptors are and so we want to

bring our carbs down that's going to be the most important action bringing your

carbs down okay so that'll help get this leaner and leaner later and then this

exercise will tone and tighten the lower flab that you have might have the the

second thing is the quantity of fats that you have in

your diet if you consume too many fats your body will turn those into ketones

and not your own body fat so you may also want to play around with the

quantities of fats and start cutting down your fats to the point where you

cut down your carbs cut down your fats so your body has like no choice but to

really tap into the stomach if you do this correctly within a few months you

can actually really tighten up in and flatten your lower belly pooch alright

thanks for watching hey I appreciate your attention and if you're enjoying

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