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How to : clean an infected belly button piercing.

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well hello my children today I will be

showing you all how to clean your

infected bellybutton ring or how to

clean it right after you get it pierced

or whatever is just getting irritated I

got my belly button pierced about a

month ago so yeah I'm going to go ahead

and show y'all what it looks like and

show you everything that you will need

to clean it with so stay tuned if you

want to see this video so much got more

than brand um I think it was a dollar

something I'll put in description I'm

not sure some water does really matter

if it's as long and I just idling around

some cotton swabs here for the know so

they're only a dollar and they also cut

put everything in then what you want

going to what to do is get um your cup

add about half a cup of water and then

either two three tablespoons of sea salt

and I'm going to put on the microwave

and then after you start until almost

resolved um and then I'll show you what

you need to do when I pack it back okay

I'll be so this is all my bearing I

think it's kind of flaky

it's got some Club pretty disgusting

sorry to tell you I just I'm variable

yeah sure for some baby but yeah I

thought it was like pretty nasty

well going to show you how to cool okay

off so I took some sea salt water in the

spoon and I'm going to sit it right here

for now now like what what I like to do

is take a cup of Kant's lob and dip it

in the solution and now I like to clean

the crushed around where the Lorraine I

usually hold the bottom ball so it

doesn't move around too much irritate it

more and then I'll clean around the


okay and after that for the second bully

I usually noob is really irritated I'll

take a cup of sea salt that I have and

I'll just kind of put it on there like

that and swish it around and I'll be

there for about five minutes we're gonna

go with that take a cool towel or paper

towel and dry around it and you know

yeah so that's how I clean it


yeah also um don't make sure you cool

more homes before you do this because

you don't want to have any bacteria on

it and you can also just dry it with the

TTIP so yeah I hope this helps y'all

okay guys so I hope that I hope this

video helped you and like and subscribe

for more videos thank you so much