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2 Ways To Kill A In Ground Bees Nest / How to KILL Ground Wasp and Yellow Jackets

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oh that's the ground wasa mess I'm going

to get rid of here I'm going to have to

do it at night though because if I start

doing it during the day here I'm going

to be attacking the nest while other

bees are coming back to the nest they're

going to see that and attack me at some

hornet foam and wasp pillar it's foam

it's going to foam inside their nest

yeah I'll do it at night so that way

they can't attack you they can't see it

alright here we go I'm going to show you

that the wasp or Yellow Jacket nest I

can see one sitting in the rim there the

bottom left because it's such a funny

spot I'm going to have to you spray or

foam on this one I don't trust that it

would fill the whole nest up so it's

right there basically

all right I'm back the next morning here

and I'm gonna look at the nest there's

there are no bees flying around anywhere

I think I see a dead one in now

I prefer actually the foam over this

it's just easier but this one's kind of

free we got to bite this show up and get

the water so either way do it at night

I'm just going to show you how to how I

did it at night but during the day here

so it's easier to show you I'm going to

show you exactly how I did it what you

want to do here is I got this little

screen here it's just a square I went to

buy a whole roll

is he coming at night and just put on

there and step on it boom this has got

some sticky stuff on it so now they're

already locked in there and you went

like this it's going in already you turn

the water on full-blast boom and fill

the nest up fill it up just keep soaking

it and then the water will start oozing

out and keep that screen over it come

back and here's a clip of the next

morning of that nest exterminated you

know what's funny last night something

must have come in here and ate and dug

this nest out this is crazy so there's

like beehive stuff everywhere like a

raccoon or a coyote around here came and

picked it up there you go I hope that

method works for you remember that bees

are dangerous as hell so once one stings

it they're going to halt on this thing

yeah so do it at night after they're

sleeping so there's going to be a couple

at the mouth guarding the nest if you

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