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How To Get Rid Of Beer Belly Fat (Tips For Men)

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hey what's up guys Gary Walker here with

live anabolic calm in this video I'm

gonna tell you how to get rid of a beer

belly okay man you're one of those guys

skinny arms skinny legs but you look

pregnant okay a lot of guys out there

like that you feel like if you stick a

pin in your stomach it's gonna pop I

know that is a beer gut a beer belly I

actually know what it's like to have one

of those those of you guys those of you

guys have already gotten my ripped after

40 program you've seen some of my

embarrassing before photos and that's

what I had going down on man so I'm

speaking from experience keep that in


alright so there's a few things that you

need to do first realize that's

extremely unhealthy for you it's not

good to have that kind of fat going on

at that lower level your abs okay not

good for your heart

not good for your cholesterol there's a

lot of bad things when you have that

going on also your lower back it causes

a lot of lumbar stress not good for your

lower back not good for your posture so

there's so many things that are you know

primary reasons for you to not have that

beer belly anymore you need to make sure

that you are prioritizing this because

you've got to get rid of it and so I'm

trying to tell you you want to make

yourself a healthier person and that's a

sign that you aren't very healthy okay

some of the things that you need to

focus on exercise is huge make sure you

start exercising you start lifting

weights okay start lifting weights

utilizing compound lifts you want to

make sure that you are boosting your

metabolism booster metabolism and also

providing yourself with a hormone boost

so lifting weights and doing anabolic

cardio anabolic cardio is more circuit

training high-intensity interval

training that's going to provide you

with a lot more benefits as opposed to

going for an hour walk getting on a

treadmill take

your time walking okay also another

thing guys I realized that this you know

this time that we're living in a lot of

people are very sedentary it may be lazy

habits at home it may be your job you're

sitting around all day getting more

active as simple as that just start

getting more active get your butt up and

move even at work alright if you've got

a desk job where you're sitting there

all day take a bathroom break every

couple hours go in there and do some

jumping jacks do some bodyweight squats

doesn't take a lot just get your

metabolism going get some blood flow

going just don't sit all day and that

that's what's going to happen don't sit

all day not being active because that's

very unhealthy for you but in today's

world and the society that we live in I

know a lot of people you're at an office

job eight hours a day you're sitting in

the car driving on the way home you get

home you're relaxing so you're doing

more sitting so the none of that is good

make sure you're getting more active and

of course stop drinking beer man I mean

that seems like something that's simple

if you want it just don't utilize it all

the time do it in moderation beer is

first of all full of empty calories so

and then those calories add up quick

it's not like you're drinking one beer a

day if you're drinking a few than those

empty calories add up your body isn't

gonna utilize those okay those calories

so it's going to be stored as fat and

also typically when you drink beer

you're drinking it with crappy foods

drinking beer with pizza and wings other

fried foods so those don't go well

together so that's the other thing start

eliminating those junk foods eliminate

the sugars eliminate the processed food

start cooking at home more start getting

whole fresh foods all right at your

house and also stay hydrated make sure

you're drinking water that's another

thing don't drink sodas all the time

thinking you know what I'm gonna cut the

sugar sodas out and go sugar free sodas

still a natural diuretic you still need

hydration you need h2o man you need some

water water is very good for you your

body's going to function a lot more

optimally when you stay fully hydrated

so keep that in mind but again guys

those are some of the tips that you can

incorporate some of the easy things that

you can start implementing to start

getting that gut down because typically

what it's going to come down to is being

more active start working out start

losing weight and there's a lot of other

more beneficial ways to lose weight but

these are some of the simple ways some

of the things that you can get started

immediately and make a big difference in

getting that off if you want more on how

to lose weight quicker and better other

videos out there check those out my

intermittent fasting carb cycling that

you can do with some of what I'm telling

you now to get even quicker results but

guys I mean thing the main reason for me

giving you this video is I want you to

know if you've got that going on it's

not healthy man and you're an older guy

you need to start focusing on your

health it's not just about the band I

get it not everybody wants to look a

specific way not everybody wants muscle

not everybody wants to be ripped and

that's fine but you need to be healthy

not just for you but for your family all

those around you but get yourself

healthy get your mind right you're gonna

be a lot better person to be around and

you'll be a lot happier so keep that in

mind but guys I got a ripped after 40

program out there if you haven't checked

that out yet please do so it's got a lot

of this stuff in it it's got the actual

workouts you should be doing anabolic

cardio you can be doing

it's got milk plans I mean it's loaded

with information so get that and start

implementing that stuff and then you'll

get rid of that deer gut that beer belly

in no time but if you got any questions

about this video man go ahead and

comment below let me know also if you

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please subscribe to the channel also go

back and check out some

because I've got a lot of other videos

that go hand in hand with this and what

I'm telling you and things that could

actually show you what types of

exercises to do how to do them what

types of cardio to do how to do them I

got some follow along got a look a lot

of stuff out there for you man I just

want to make it as easy and convenient

for you so you can get this stuff

implemented you don't have to go to the

gym you can do it at home

you can do it like I said at work man

you can sneak to the bathroom three

times a day

I mean hey if people do it all the time

but instead of hanging out on your phone

do somebody weight squats like I said do

some jumping jacks alright some phantom

jump ropes just do something to get

active then go back and sit down for a

few hours until you have to do it again

but man that's all I got for you you're

busy get after it god bless