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How to Lose Beer Belly, Beer Gut, Pot Belly Fast & Flatten Your Belly

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alright alright this is Joey Atlas and

if you're new here I want to welcome you

the Atlas bill today's lesson is how to

get rid of the beer gut a lot of you

know the beer gut because maybe you have

it maybe you're battling it or maybe you

see people out and about with that beer

gut that beer belly I'm here to tell you

that not only did I defeat the beer gut

and go from that to that but I also had

a barrel ass I had tree trunk knees and

I had probably one of the worst dad bods

you can imagine even though I've been in

fitness my whole life nutrition mindset

I've had my pinks and valleys deep dark

valleys emotional eating issues food

codependency way too much booze at times

but just like me

anybody can overcome those and get

through those defeat them beat them and

then get yourself back not just your

body for the physical aspects the

external aspects the visual the

aesthetic the vanity parts of it but for

your whole internal health your entire

life is affected by your physical

condition and your health on the inside

all the way to the outside so how did I

go from the big beer belly

and the barrel ass and the big knees and

the dad bod it's really simple one I

became aware self-aware mindfulness and

I had to be truthful with myself that

took a lot of work but that's step one

if you're not willing to do step one you

will never do step two or three step two

was coming up with a plan based on my

values my goals and the things that

meant the most in life to me number one

being my own life so that I could live

long and be around for the people in my

life who mean the most to me my

family my kids my loved ones and third

was coming up with a plan of action the

proper plan of action and not

half-assing it get in on that plan

creating that plan because this is my

background this is my field this is my

love this is my craft that I'm a master

of I had to execute on that craft create

my plan get to it

stick with it and let the results keep

coming that's it in a nutshell if you

want to know more post below let me know

what exactly you're struggling with in

those three steps that you need help

with is it the self-awareness is it the

mindset part is it that part one is it

part two or is it part three the actual

things you need to be doing because

there's a lot of stuff out there ranging

from hardcore kill your body kind of

stuff all the way to super foo-foo type

of stuff that's way way too easy and

gentle there's something in between that

can get the job done safely and I'm

gonna give you a taste of that right now

I'm going to show you a little sample of

exactly what I do to get this to keep

this like this now mind you it's not

this is not perfect you know I could

pinch a little bit you can see that

there's a little bit of this hanging but

at 48 you can see the white stuff here

at 48 the physique is better than most

people half my age but again this is not

about vanity this is not about what you

see on the outside this is a reflection

of what I'm taking care of on the inside

and how I want this body to function so

I'm going to give you a little sampling

of what I actually do to keep the abs

and core this way again not not model

book perfect but pretty perfect for a

dad right so here we go

we've got the hybrid matte bench hooked

up about five or six inches off the

ground at the top but to show you two of

my favorite moves

I've got dozens and dozens I've got so

many moves here we've got hundreds of

moves at the studio that the coaching

team does where we train people but I'm

going to show you a few of my favorites

here we go first we're gonna show you

the cross leg slow reverse curl crunch

we go here we pull us bring it down we

go here we pause to bring it down again

this is just a little sample we switch

sides same thing slow curl from the abs

and core deep down pause and release so

I usually do eight each side eight and

eight then we go to here notice the pull

us down slowly then we switch it ain't

on the other side balls down keeping the

abs and core engaged close down notice I

am not moving fast I do not want

momentum to do any part of these moves I

want all the muscles in the core the

tour sort of been doing these moves and

controlling it so then I get faster

deeper stimulation and I dramatically

reduce the risk of injury we don't want

to get hurt when we're doing this we

want the results all right those two

moves there we flip up our hybrid mat

and bench I'm gonna show you let's see

again I've got dozens and dozens of abs

and core exercises here but I'm giving

you a little sample I'm gonna take in

some of my bands today we're going from

high to low instead of low to high or

mid-level tonight we're going high to


from here notice the paws up slowly all

from the core see the engagement

pause control coming back notice the

pause notice the control coming back the

control coming back is just as important

as going down for the contraction coming

up with a controlled tempo is still

making everything in the core work

properly and that's one of my secrets

all right we're going to go little

old-school here we get our asymmetrical

handles hooked up now watch closely this

is one of my favorites I do these add a

lot of playgrounds when I'm traveling

watch closely

coming up knees tuck in we go around

down pause pull it in slow rotation

control coming down the toes lightly

touch right back up from the ABS and


we're not kicking up fast slow and

controlled we pause hold up all the way

around slowly coming in control control

and down all right now obviously that

last one super advanced you have to have

the shoulders flexible strong and in

shape so if you're a beginner even

intermediate I wouldn't suggest you do

that I share that with you is one of my

examples because this former dad bod

would never ever have been able to do

that I'm gonna killed myself trying to

do that there's no way I would have even

gotten my knees up toward my chest ever

now 15 20 years later I could do 15 to

20 of those

easily for a few sets so I tell you this

not to bread man or woman I tell you

this because anything is possible

anything is possible you just have to

decide you want it bad enough be willing

to make the change and set those values

and reasons why you want to make those

changes not just to look at in the

mirror or to attract some eyeballs that

will never work

you'll never sustain that the reasons

why I have to come from deep within deep

within and if they're if they're real

then you will make the changes and you

will stick to them because your goals

are tied to something valuable and

meaningful to you then if you want to

know what to do post below I'll share my

youtube videos with you I'll share more

of these free videos with you I'll share

other free items with you

I got nutrition materials I got more

mindset materials with you for to share

with you all you got to do is let me

know though post below and that's it

that's how we go from the beer gut to

the Tom washboard you can do it too

thanks for watching be ready for more

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