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how to get rid of beer belly in 30 days

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how's it going everyone so today I'm

gonna talk about how to get rid of beer

belly fat so before I get started please

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you guys with more details so how do you

get rid of beer belly in the first place

now I've been getting a ton of questions

on beer belly the reason we get belly

fat is generally caused by lack of

exercise and lack and diet now what most

people do when trying to lose weight is

they will significantly cut their

calories they'll completely change their

diet on their exercise now what will

happen is after a week or two they will

go back to their normal diet and lack of

exercise why does this happen it happens

because of too much of a change too

quickly in order to get rid of beer

belly you must do things slowly I will

also show you guys two exercises or I'll

tell you guys a few exercises you can do

to get rid of beer belly so side plank

Russian ab twists side bends planks leg

swings leg lifts captain crunches knee

raises there's so many different

exercises that you can do flutter kicks

that's a favourite of mine dragonflies

another good exercise so exercise

selection isn't as important as the

iodide it's huge

you must eat in a caloric deficit if

you're trying to lose weight the reason

for this is because calories in versus

calories out are ultimately the main the

main goal if you are trying to lose

weight if you eat in a clerk surplus

every single day you will never ever see

results trust me on this you guys you

will never see results if you want to

see results eat in a caloric deficit now

people are gonna ask me healthy foods

unhealthy foods you can have eat healthy

mainly but you can have some unhealthy

foods as well you can have a little bit

of variety you don't have to have just

healthy foods every single day you can

have 90% healthy 10% unhealthy make your

diet work for you you guys I know a lot

of people struggle because what they'll

do is they'll do a hundred percent

healthy foods and then they'll do that

for three four days and then

crashing down and start eating a ton of

unhealthy foods and it's just it's not

good for them so make sure that you eat

healthy but also include some unhealthy

foods as well but the main thing is

tracking your calories weighing your

food making sure you're eating in a

chloric deficit because again if you are

eating at Clark maintenance or you're in

a clerks surplus you will never ever see

results because you're eating too many

calories and that is where most people

fail where most people fail too is

because of hunger hunger sucks you guys

I will admit it it sucks being hungry

it's our bodies are meant to be full

we're not meant to be starving so when

you go on a diet you might be starving

for a little bit it sucks you guys it

does and it's hard to lose weight so I

know where you guys are coming from just

keep trying you will get it end a video

I think you guys so much for watching

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