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Lose Your Gut (Pot Belly) with these Strategies

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people tend to joke about a potbelly but

when it's actually happening to you and

you're the one with the potbelly it's

not exactly fun it's easy to laugh at it

first but when you get down to brass

tacks it's unsightly it's dangerous it's

inflammatory and honestly it kills your

confidence the cool thing is is there's

a lot of research surrounding what

causes belly fat and what causes a

potbelly specifically so we're going to

talk about those we're going to talk

about a few different things that cause

a potbelly in the first place but then

I'm gonna give you some solutions for

each of those causes now I will say that

there's nothing that's going to just

immediately just evaporate all of the

visceral fat and the pot belly fat right

I mean it's all a process and these are

all little things that you can implement

but I figure if I give you different

strategies for each cause then you can

work your way towards a healthier

lifestyle and get rid of the potbelly

all right so we'll break it all down hey

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right you're gonna dig this stuff so

stick with me because I'll give you the

solutions the first thing we want to

talk about it's just visceral fat in

general your visceral fat is the fat

that surrounds your organs right and

visceral fat is around the organ tissue

just inside our abdomen and the thing is

visceral fat isn't like ordinary fat it

has a high degree of inflammatory cells

and immune cells so it's immune

illogically active it's active in a

metabolic sense and a lot of is because

it's so close to the organs that it has

developed its own sort of metabolic

structure it's almost like it's an organ

in a weird twisted way but we also have

more glucocorticoid receptors within our

visceral fat which means that stress is

going to impact our visceral fat more

than anything now when we grow our

visceral fat it's not always unsightly

typical sloppy fat right it just expands

and eventually leads to a potbelly so

sometimes you see people that have that

popularly they're not fat looking but

they're they have this belly and that's

what we're talking about it's the stress

that leads up to that that visceral fat

the other thing you have to look at is

there's androgen receptors so when our

hormones are out of whack everything can

get messed up there now the reason that

the immune cell thing is so important is

that when we have a good amount of

visceral fat or a pot belly

it means that we are leaking

inflammatory cytokines into the rest of

the body like especially near the organs

where it's vital now this inflammation

sounds bad from a health and medical

standpoint but it's bad for your fat

gain standpoint too if you have a lot of

inflammation you're going to have fat

accumulate in other areas of the body

but you're also going to be fatigued

you're gonna hold a bunch of water and

you're gonna get sick all the time so

it's kind of the precursor to everything

else that happens in your body now the

other thing that we have to look at is

the estrogen balance okay estrogen

triggers the body to store fat in

specific areas and it's an imbalance

between estrogen and androgens okay so

it's not always just about how high your

estrogen levels are a lot of times it's

how high your estrogen levels are in

comparison to your androgen levels or

your testosterone levels or any of these

other levels that has to balance with

right so you could have low testosterone

or low levels here but if you're even

slightly higher on the estrogen side

you're gonna have a problem it's gonna

trigger your body to store fat in

specific areas so when in excess

whatever that excess may be it promotes

the growth of specific tissues and fat

in estrogen sensitive areas okay so the

belly or the visceral fat but also the

breast tissue as well so the visceral

fat is the one that we're really talking

about today because it does play a big

role I'll give you some solutions on how

to fix that you know as we get going on

and this is in case you don't know who I

am by the way I lost 100 pounds myself I

was 280 pounds before I've dealt with

all this stuff I get it so I'm speaking

from some experience here I'm not a

doctor but I've done my research over

time and I've had my own transformation

so all right let's go ahead and let's

talk about cortisol for a second

now of course dog gets a bad rap

cortisol is not always bad it's just bad

when it's chronically high so stress

obviously is a big contributor to a

potbelly we have a specific enzyme

called 11 hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase

big complicated fancy $10 word but

basically all it is is an enzyme that is

at the specific tissue level that

converts inactive cortisol into active

cortisol so cortisone into cortisol now

the reason we want to be aware of this

is because when we're stressed out the

fat is going to accumulate more in our

visceral tissue so of course we're

keeping track of that now visceral fat

has four times as many cortisol

receptors than any other fat in the body

so that means that when we get stressed

out we're four times as

likely to store it as a potbelly than we

are anywhere else now here's the bad

thing when we have an increase in

visceral fat an increase in these

overall cortisol like super reaction

let's just call it that we have an

increase in what's called a lipoprotein

lipase lipoprotein lipase is the main

fat storing enzyme so if we have an

increase in lipoprotein lipase that

originated from the visceral fat it

triggers us to store fat throughout the

rest of the body so in essence a

potbelly is like the first step down the

wrong path for your body getting ready

to store fat elsewhere the next thing we

have to talk about and they'll give you

again solutions for all this is going to

be the fatty liver ok fatty liver is

going to be where literally fat deposits

around your liver and a lot of times

it's because you gain weight so fast

that the white adipose tissue can't keep

up so it sends the rest of the liver to

get deposited there but more importantly

it's about fructose and sugar metabolism

ok sugar is metabolized heavily in the

liver fructose from excess fruit or high

fructose corn syrup predominantly or in

from almost exclusively gets metabolized

in the liver and it can only handle so

much a specific point in time and when

it can only handle so much it goes

through what's called de novo lipid

Genesis and it turns it into fat well

where is it going to store it it's gonna

store it in the closest proximity so

it's gonna store it around the liver now

think of it like this okay you have your

liver about yay big and then you start

building fat around it that's going to

protrude your stomach significantly it's

like if I were to take my hand like this

and then just a little bit of fat around

my liver creates a big impact in terms

of how my belly just ends so a potbelly

a lot of times is from a fatty liver we

have to get control of this which again

I will give you some solutions

another thing that contributes that I'll

touch on real quick is actually

pancreatic fat you don't build a lot of

fat around the pancreas is what produces

beta cells which ultimately allow us to

metabolize sugar carbohydrates pancreas

is like a six-inch little gland but it

does get fat developing around it

especially when you have a lot of

visceral fat in general so I'll give you

some solutions there too but ultimately

if you're getting rid of visceral fat

you're gonna get rid of that pancreatic

fat so first and foremost how do you get

rid of the visceral fat but most


honestly some of you are gonna hate that

I say this and it's not biased but

honestly it's where the research is a

combination of intermittent fasting and

the ketogenic diet for a short amount of

time has a profound effect on visceral


especially fasting okay and I'll talk

about this here there's a study that was

published in the journal Nature

communications and it found that fasting

did some stuff at the genetic level it

upregulated what's called mir-1 3 3 a ok

complicated gene name ok all these weird

codes they give them basically an up

regulated this specific gene alright so

what that means is all it did is it

turned a genetic switch that made us

that the body preferentially burns

visceral fat like that's really cool why

because when you're fasting you're

stressed and you're in a time of stress

and the main goal of your body at that

point is to fuel your vital organs so

what does it do it goes to the fat that

is closest to the organs the visceral

fat drains directly into the portal vein

when it drains into the portal vein it

goes directly to the liver to get turned

into energy or to get you know

distributed where it needs to get

distributed so that means when you're

fasting your body just wants to use that

visceral fat so that already is just

where we want to be but additionally we

have more cortisol receptors again and I

know I've talked about this a lot but

when you are fasting you're stressed out

which actually means your course all

levels go up and they go up in surges

but when it goes up in a positive way in

absence of food it actually triggers fat

loss to occur via hormone sensitive

lipase at this source so wherever

there's the most metabolically active or

cortisol active tissue in this case of

this oral fat so fasting is going to

trigger from stress that fat to get

burned I know it sounds crazy because

normally stress contributes to fat but

only if it's chronic and you're also

eating in the process right now keto

comes into play because if you are keto

while you are fasting or going into a

fast and you're eating good quality fats

your body's going to be more efficient

at mobilizing the fats in the first

place so then once you go into your fast

your body knows how to mobilize it and

it's going to expedite the visceral fat

metabolism just much more so you're

gonna rip through that visceral fat so

much faster now remember the visceral

fat leaks inflammatory cytokines we

don't want a lot of that to happen so

it's very important that you're eating

good quality Omega 3 so lots of

wild-caught salmon

lots of good quality fish oil not you

know low quality Walmart fish oil okay

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a special discount for those of you that

also want to try it okay so that's gonna

be a big part of your overall fat loss

potbelly reduction plan so now you've

got the big chunk of at least getting

your body into overdrive with utilizing

visceral fat as a fuel source let's get

rid of some of these other issues so the

estrogen thing okay without getting

medical supervision there's not a whole

lot of things you can do however there

are some recent things that have been

making some pretty big moves in the

world of estrogen and just androgen

balance one is boron okay if you are a

male boron should be something that you

should experiment taking okay possibly 9

milligrams or so just simple inexpensive

mineral what boron has been shown to do

is basically unbind testosterone from

sex hormone binding globulin so

basically it unbind these hormones that

are normally bound up which helps close

that gap with that ratio remember it's

androgens and estrogen and we just want

this more like this versus like this so

if we can bring up the free androgens a

little bit more free testosterone I

should say then we can balance that out

and we're not having the estrogen be so

abnormally high in contrast to our

androgens so that makes a big big

difference overall and just estrogen and

how it's the tissues end up basically

getting deposited the fat the other

thing that you can do is utilize the

indolent methane eat lots of cruciferous

vegetable a flower lots of broccoli lots

of bok choy you can also use a dim

supplement but it does it up regulates C

at yp1 a - and the liver basically this

is something that allows the liver to

process toxins and yes estrogen is a

toxin as far as the liver is concerned

so it has to metabolize it so if we up

regulate cyp 1a2 within the liver

through indole-3-carbinol or through dim

through good cruciferous

metabolize that estrogen and excrete it

a lot better then we have to look at the

cortisol side of things aside from

practicing some yoga and meditation and

trying to reduce stress which you

probably hear all the time there are

some things that you can do if you are

Kido I would recommend that you try

getting a little bit more salt in I know

some people bag on me because I talk

about the salt relationship with belly

fat and stuff but the thing is it's more

so aimed towards people that do keto

because keto you lose a lot of your

minerals you got to keep your salt in if

you have your salt levels get too low it

throws off in aldosterone level which

basically long story short it can

indirectly trigger cortisol because

aldosterone and cortisol work together

ok so long story short if you're doing

keto make sure you get salt in but if

you're not doing keto you're just trying

to get rid of a potbelly

magnesium is going to be your friend ok

magnesium is going to reduce the

cortisol level it's going to reduce the

stress and it's gonna make it so that

you can get back on track you see

magnesium deficiencies up regulate the

hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal access

meaning if we're deficient in magnesium

our brain is a lot quicker to send a

signal to our adrenals skyrocketing

cortisol so it's more about the

deficiency than it is about taking extra

but newsflash a lot of us are deficient

so you've got to be getting that

magnesium in okay take a supplement eat

the magnesium rich foods whatever you

have to do just get a good form of

magnesium like die magnesium male 8 is

good any kind of chelated form just

don't do magnesium oxide okay then when

we talk about the liver okay besides

from reducing fructose limit your amount

of fruit that you're taking in do not

consume high fructose corn syrup

okay just avoid that like the plague but

reduce the fruit by even half and you'll

notice a difference but try taking some

milk thistle okay you don't need much

hundred milligrams or so milk thistle

does some interesting things the main

thing that milk thistle does is it

inhibits toxins from binding to the

hepatocyte so it stops toxins from

binding to liver cells meaning you have

less toxic of the liver and gives the

liver an opportunity to sort of do its

natural detoxing job so you're just

promoting the natural just detoxing

effect of your liver it's not a magic

pill it's not a cure-all but it does

help when it comes down to a fatty liver

okay the last thing I want to talk about

is something related more towards

exercise now the journal diabetic

published a study that found that people

that had a higher vo2

max burned more fat during exercise I'm

not saying you need to become an athlete

what I'm saying is if you do low

intensity steady-state cardio you do

beef up your vo2 max that's your ability

to breathe at just under intensity right

so if you increase that by doing aerobic

activity if you're just starting out you

will burn more fat in every workout not

just because you're exerting more effort

so the higher the vo2 max in an

individual the higher the potential that

a person has the more body fat they burn

in general exercise they don't have to

be reaching that vo2 max so my reason in

saying this is that you don't have to be

doing some crazy intense stuff all the

time if you're just getting started and

you're trying to get rid of the potbelly

build your vo2 max up walk then walk

faster then run then sprint then move

into hit okay increase your vo2 max so

each time you work out you're getting

more and more visceral fat recruitment

okay I hope this helped you out and I

hope that you can share it with some

people that would get some benefit from

it okay remember the big things keto

plus fastings and helped you a lot but

doing it with a good quality meat good

quality fish not low quality stuff

that's going to trigger inflammation

higher as always keep it locked in here

in my channel I'll see you in the next