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How to Remove Bees From a Wall Without Even Touching the Bees

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hi today we're going to be removing some

bees from a wall that they've decided is

their new home I noticed the other day

there's a couple bees coming in and out

where this waterspout comes out of the

siding on this house and we've learned

in the past that the best way to get rid

of them without using any pesticides or

having to really do anything much is

just to open up this wall cavity so that

we can get them out once the space is

open they'll just leave they like to

have a closed-in space some siding it

would be a little harder to do because

if it's lap siding you'd have to pick up

a whole wall but with this it's just the

panel will just be able to open you

don't even have to take it all the way

off you just have to open it so it


the recording

all we have the small you can see they

started to build their comb shit-ton


but that should be it should be enough

to make him go home

here they are again here's their comb

and they were all the way down the very

bottom of this bull they should be

leaving now I think so here we are with

the with the bees and they're getting

ready to leave it's been about five

hours or so since we opened them up

they're starting to get clumped up and

are ready to head out we're expecting

they'll probably be gone probably

sometime tomorrow we'll try to get it

one day

when they do their their fly off they

will probably right now they're scouting

out another place to move and and

they'll believe what when the Queen says

it's time well it's been one day and the

bees are now gone you can see the very

start of their new comb that they built

but then they just took off there's a

few leftover bees that will die off in

the next day so they have anything else

to do and then we'll put the wall back


seal the hole that they got in from and

we should be good we didn't see the fly

off but holy crap

Gibby you don't care huh who likes the


I like the