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How to Kill Bees in a Tree

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how'd it kill bees in a tree


in the gardens roofs and trees of homes

bees are both a necessity and nuisance

in a perfect world bees would complete

their pollinating duties without the

potential to sting the hives can be very

dangerous especially when they are

located near children or people with B

allergies when the hive must come down

you should take certain precautions

especially when you have to kill bees in

a tree things you will need


aerosol cannot be killer modder goggles

stocking cap the coat thick pants boots

gloves knife pose wait until the coolest

part of the day which is often late at

night or very early in the morning these

are less active when it is cold outside

put on several layers of protective

clothing including goggles a stocking

cap a thick coat thick pants boots and

gloves avoid loose-fitting clothing wear

bees could get caught set up your ladder

so that you can reach within one foot at

the bottom of the hive it's best if you

don't need a ladder to reach the nest

spray the entirety of the aerosol cans

contents into the hive from the bottom

get down from the ladder carefully and

run quickly into your home watch the

nest for activity repeating steps 1 5 if

you continue to see bees flying in and

out of the high cut off the vacant high

from the tree limb with a knife cutting

and scraping as much of the hive off of

the limb as possible rinse the branch

off with a hose to clean the area these

are very resilient and if part of the

hive remains other colonies may begin to

build on it tips warnings


consider contacting a local beekeeper

who may volunteer to come and remove the

hive for free build a small fire

underneath the hive adding green

branches and grass to create lots of

smoke the smoke will make the bees

lethargic never attempt to remove a hive

by throwing objects of it

this will only anger the bees and make

it dangerous to go outside do not

attempt to remove hives that are so high

in a tree that you cannot reach them

with a ladder