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most of us have probably been bitten by

a bee or a wasp at some point or another

they hurt and they can hurt a lot but

for most of these things you can just

take care of at home this is a simulated

bee sting what you're noticing here is

some swelling and redness that swelling

and redness is just a reaction to the

sting and a little bit of venom that

goes in the body at this point as long

as you're not having an allergic

reaction to it it's fine to take care of

at home


in the middle you'll see a little black

area there that's the stinger one

important part here is you want to get

that stinger out as soon as you can

so how do you do that easiest thing I

think is just to simply use tweezers you

just go with tweezers grab the little

black area and pull the tweezer out


so now we're gonna see what it looks

like when a bee sting gets so bad that

you need to go to the emergency room


even if the bee bites you in any other

part of the body if the swelling starts

to this area of the face you want to be

concerned because it can easily get to

the throat and cut off your breathing

which of course is life-threatening you

want to go ahead and get to the

emergency room as soon as you can if you

have an EpiPen use that before you get

there if you start noticing any problems

call 911 to make sure this bee sting was

truly just an annoyance and not

something that's going to be



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