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How to Get Rid Of Bees Quick & Easy | DIY

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okay hey guys I hope everybody's taking

care and being blessed this is gonna be

a quick sweet into the point video you

guys know I am doing a little

landscaping around the house we are

putting mulch down we are putting bricks

down all that good stuff me and my hubby

we came to the realization yeah about a

month ago I got stung by a bee I knew I

wasn't really sure you know where the

bees was or whatever but I remember

setting this particular spot right here

so I got stung by a bee so what I wound

up doing is you know just fixing you

getting it I'm gonna include a good

video to show you how to be able to fix

a bee sting not fix it but you know take

care of a bee sting we were coming in

this area right here putting march down

and we realized that it was a whole

bunch of bees coming in and out of this

area right here so what we did was we

got some dawn this is the blue dawn

regular water I use you didn't even have

to add this but today I added it what I

did was we treated it yesterday with

again the dawn the water and we also

used some wasp spray you know that spray

that you get just regular wasp spray

when we sprayed it I'm talking about

crazy spray that crazy sprayed it and

then again like I said we followed up

with this dawn I am actually out here

again using it the dawn and water this

time though guys I put some Clovis ntral

in it and I also put some peppermint and

I also put some clothes peppermint and

cinnamon and when I say you guys it

smells good though but they say that

they hate this and when I say we finally

have no more bees it was bees swarming

all over the place inside of that we had

to move it around so make sure you guys

move that area around it's cuz we never

touched this area because it's always

being closed in and bees like areas like

that so if you are having that problem

again get that spraying and it's okay

for plants cuz I even have sometimes put

it on the plants and I see the plants

are not dying flies do like it though

I'm saying that flies are coming around

too so if you haven't flies that may

kill a fly too but again just wanted to

come to you real quick if you're having

problems with bees you don't gotta go on

go buy that expensive stuff buy you some

water spray like I told you if you want

so I said that helps too because we

wanted to double do it and then again we

followed up with this dawn water one day

now this is the second day I'm following

up with Don water and like I told you up

at the central soil essential oil in

there and boom BAM no more B's so again

let that help you guys have you having

problems if that helped you let me know

quick to the point again put have done

have water it just make sure it's nice

and blue you know not too much water got

too much dawn use your discretion and

again at the central oils just for that

extra coverage try all that and see what

happens the next day okay guys take care

be blessed and I will chat with you

later bye guys