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Here's Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

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I'm Jim Frederick's I'm with the

National Pest Management Association and

I'm here to talk to you about bedbugs

bedbugs are small parasitic insects that

feed on human blood while you sleep

bedbugs don't carry diseases that

doesn't mean that they're not a public

health pest in most people the bites

result in itchy red welts oftentimes

people think of bedbugs as just living

in a bed but bedbugs are able to spread

from one place to another very simply

because they are excellent hitchhikers

of course it's important to remember

that bedbugs

once they feed they don't stay on the

host they feed and leave they're not

interested in you finding them on your

body after bedbugs feed they spend most

of their time in cracks and crevices

hiding perhaps in a bed frame or behind

a baseboard or in furniture but they

also happen to get inside backpacks and

boxes and that sort of thing so when

people move from one place to another

there they often will move bedbugs to

places like movie theaters or hotels or

buses or subways in their purses and

backpacks and other personal belongings

adult bedbugs are about the size of an

apple see their reddish-brown in color

and flattened from top to bottom but the

adult bedbugs are not the only thing

that might be present the small nymph

bedbugs just when they hatch out of an

egg are extremely small and they're

typically a translucent white color so

they're difficult to see there are a lot

of things that kill bedbugs and one of

the things that pest management

professionals do is they employ a method

called integrated pest management so for

instance bedbugs will die if they're

subjected to temperatures above 120

degrees the eggs will die the nymphs

will die the adults will die but I

wouldn't recommend that you try to heat

your home to 120 degrees pest management

professionals use specific tools that

are designed for bed bug control to do

that sort of a thing there is also

extreme cold some pest management

professionals will employ vacuums as

part of their pest

and so there are many different methods

that will kill bedbugs but never a

simple solution