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Busting a Beaver Dam and Draining the Pond

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hey everybody welcome to my channel i'm

kevin today we're going to pull apart a

beaver dam


oh i got my work cut out for me today

we're going to take apart this beaver

dam that i'm sitting on

it's about 10 feet high and very thick

uh this beaver pond has got to go

it is uh flooded right across my

property i can't access the back of my

property at all

and it's also threatening my septic

system so

even though we have numerous beaver

ponds on our property this one

has absolutely got to go

so this is what the beavers have done

back here

flooded right across our whole property


which isn't the end of the world but

it's really close to our home and our

septic system

so we got to get rid of this beaver

lodge so uh today i'm going to pull it


um i've done this before it's a lot of

work it's probably a multi-day

multi-day task multi-week task actually


the beavers are gone because if they're

still here they will rebuild the dam at


um so anyway gotta get to work

so this is the spot where i'm gonna do

my work

it's probably the highest drop about 10

feet and i'm going to slowly pull the

dam apart from the top

and use the water as it flows out

to erode the dam wish me luck



this is working really well

a couple hours later we have still a

torrent going through here but the

water's really gone down

we did see a beaver here earlier so i

brought my rifle with me

good morning everyone i'm at the beaver

pond froze last night so there's a thin

sheet of ice on it

if you look over my shoulder you'll see

where i broke the dam yesterday

and uh the water has uh gone down a lot

but last night the beavers fixed it a

little bit

they can't fix it all in one night so

i'm gonna go this morning and break what


did last night and uh by this afternoon

the water should be really really low

and i'll be ready to put in some pipes

wish me luck

seeing the mud the tracks from last

night the beavers were up here getting

material for the dam

i'm so impressed with what the beavers

can do in one night

they jam that right up water's still

flowing through but

they've got a good a good first patch


here we are that beaver lodge is

starting to look pretty dry

i've been draining water most of the day

and i've come back and installed three


okay i didn't film the process because

this was a lot of work

but i've got three pipes in the hole

and here's the outflow

if you look down here you'll see i put a

couple of t-bars in there to

hold those pipes in place i've wired the

pipes to the t-bar

and i've hammered that right down below

water level

so the beavers are likely to come back

tonight and plug this hole

but hopefully the pipes will trick them

and water will still flow

and they might build up a bit of water

but as summer moves on and things dry


um i'm pretty sure that those three

pipes are going to be more than what

comes in here so

it should should drain all summer long

the water has really come down

looking good out here look over here you

see a shelf of ice from uh

the first water level and the water's

come down about three and a half four


really good and here's the

breech and the dam with the

pipes installed that should work pretty


so there's my intake pipes there's three

of them there one is a bit higher than

the other one

i think it's broken free of the mounting

that i hammered into the bottom of the


and the beavers have tried to dam the

ends but

water is still flowing very well the

beavers have certainly damned

right here where the pipes are

and there's the breech and there's the


so we've really been able to keep the

pond low which i'm really happy about um

that protects my septic system and we've

had a lot of rain over the last couple

of days

so uh i'm going to call this a success i


i might even put some fittings on the

end just to make it more confusing for

the beavers

some y fittings or t fittings will

reduce the current

and give them more holes to plug all


thanks for watching