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How to Treat TAIL ROT in Bearded Dragons

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hi my name is grant welcome to my super

informative educational video or well

rounded dragon now before I get into the

actual tale rottener to identify himself

treated I just want to specify that it

was ever anything on any of your animals

much as reptiles it's always best to

take them to the vet now I know it's not

always being used option because a lot

of money but that's the best thing to do

so if you're worried about a lot you can

afford it take it to the bed because

they might tell you to do this and then

the subsidies do it by the phone just to

get it diagnosed by a doctor and treated

by a doctor and doctor first we're going

to get into identifying scale right now

it's pretty easy to identify and it can

happen in several different ways same

way being their little tails and their

babies that gets closing the lid and it

just kind of breaks and then that little

broken bit at the tip it will eventually

die and fall off so when it's scheduled

still beat that's connected to your

beard and they'll just cause it to rhyme

so that's why imputation is a big option

and what usually happens a pale ride to

bring to a bit but to avoid amputation

you can try be the self treatment method

but I will show you pictures on the

screwed up different that what tale rot

looks like whether it's my day to day

nectar here or just ones that I'm on the

internet but you can always do that

yourself to smoogle fail Ron beers

dragons another thing that you do is

again get it diagnosed by a vet or post

on a forum post your pictures of your

beers table in the back because this

tale rot so you found out if it is tail

out or you have a pretty strong feeling

that is tail rot

you can now self treat now self treating

is the best method if you catch tail a

lot early on but if it's climbing up the

pole the rot the infection it can get

into the vital organs and actually kill

your bearded dragon or make them

extremely sick and then you can indicate

the whole body

a be doing the tales of the G Farah but

you can't self treat it I successfully

did it I'll show you before & after

pictures throughout the video of nectar

scale when it was really bad and how it

is now and it's very good so ah perfect

ah it's still self treating meaning

first thing you're going to want to do

is get a little cup that your view to

dragons tails in it comfortably and it's

not too big not too small and you're

going to want to put warm water in it

now the water is going to kind of want

to get it he was wonderful touch but not

hot like it's burning you it's going to

burn your dragon let me get one and

they're different temperatures you can

make its nature is warm but not too hot

and the warm will just make it easier

for it yep

taste it someone give your warm water in

your cup you're going to want to get

betadine everything going that I use a

little scream currently and I got it at

Walgreens it was kind of pricey but

again you can use this for yourself it

has multiple uses yeah mine's actually a

spray bottle for building handle you

don't need too much baby's eyes you're

going to want to get about a 75 to 25

ratio waters a busy time and so you're

going to want to make it look like a

like if you like to probably best just

you like enjoyed it but you can also

make it kind of a darker looking to you

but again you don't want too much great

now you don't just want to so get

betadine be that water ratio

he doesn't so once you have this you

want to stick your razor gang tailing it

a little bit past the dark area so we're

making sure that is covering all the

infected area of okay we'll sit in there

to hold it for five minutes some timing

to my meeting after here will accept it

more than others she'll just lay on my

finger and let me so curtail sometimes

she's always trying to get all those in

place and just do it a total of five

minute place she does that for three

minutes you come about and she down for

like a minute just running around to get

back in for two minutes and you'll be

okay so once you're done soaking your


Hale and betadine water betadine and

water you're going to want to drive with

a paper towel and how I do this we're

going to stick the beauty scale in

between a paper towel and kind of

squeeze a little not too hard because

I'll toll and if you pull the tire off

it really bad just don't do that kind of

comfortable anyway you don't want to get

it completely dry and now let them dry

everyone use Neosporin no pain relief

this is an antibiotic ointment that you

put on like cut clear selfie put it

under a band-aid but it works perfect on

bearded dragon is a good tail rock but

you're not gonna want to do too much but

you don't want to do too little better

do a little too much so did you more

that it as you can see on the screen

this is how I apply it and once I get it

all over the affected area of the dark

area I put a little bit on my finger and

then kind of DAB the end of her tail

into it just to make sure the actual

wound part is getting nice true and I

should really suck 5 the neosporin

cannot have you can absolutely not

and relief you have to get no pain

relief neosporin and there's like a wall

green gray and waltz warrant or

something so when a strong honey on the

view athlete excited can you to do and

it it works for a little bit again

little pain no pain really feels more

got it and after this you don't hold me

be the dragon this could be about a

cream can come off you're going to want

to just for your getting back in your

bathroom spot and you'll be good for the

day and you're going to want to do this

two to three times a day no I understand

it's the busy day will do it once public

if you want the better the month but if

you can try to conscious them to the

truth because the data really put it on

and you're going to want to do it for we

set it on this one week to week and it's

not getting any better if you're in a

hold over that but if it's not but it

should start getting better within a

week or two something like that but

again if it's not just just give the

money and take the best all the best

thank you

imitation might be the only option it

just cases very different two different

animals might look really bad as in

telling the picture before but as you

can see now it looks pretty good she's

gonna have a short day house clothing

wrong with that so it's a liberation

thankfully she was being reviewed a

dragon we got three from pepper

unfortunately the live life there again

don't worry go back a bit but this is

the only beer drink

so I hope this video was informative and

much long and about to be randomly

I just wanted help people out because

I've seen a lot of things online people

tell you to do this method but I'm

trying to make a pretty clear video on

how to do it what everything should look

like a spark like please I wanna so I

hope you enjoyed and sure the like

subscribe if you enjoyed it there will

be more reptile videos coming the future

and thanks for watching