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How to clean your beanbag when it has no liner

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hello all in YouTube land what do you do

when your beanbags get dirty on the

outside and you zip them open and find

there's no liner inside it's just beans

okay now you've got to get the beans out

bag without getting them everywhere

so that you can transfer them and wash

the outside well the first thing I did

was I went on Amazon and I bought bean

bag liners so you can transfer them

directly into the bean bag liner and the

next thing you do is you find yourself a

nice husband here I found what's that

one I found myself one here is and what

I basically did was I safety pinned the

mouth of the liner to the mouth of the

bean bag so there was a tight fit and

then poured one into the other so here

we are

popcorns helping thanks popcorn and

pinning the liner all the way around the

mouth here and we're putting the

original bean bag inside about two or

three inches inside the liner we do this

all the way out

okay so we've pinned it all in place so

one should seamlessly go into the other

let's try it out and there you have it

how to empty the bean bag and now we can

wash these covers you've got really

filthy and now that the bean bags that

it the beans are in liners it means we

don't have to do this horrendous process

again what do you think candy love it