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iPhone Battery Drops Suddenly - How to Fix

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have you guys ever had the problem like

this so you're using your iPhone

normally and then your battery

percentage drops suddenly and really

rapidly so you go from like eighty

percent to 40 in just couple of seconds

which you know cannot be right I mean

you definitely know something is going

on in this video I'm gonna explain to

you what exactly is going on inside of

your phone and what you can do to fix it

so there are a couple of things you may

try out in order to fix this problem so

let's just get started

I probably also gets right that you have

an older iPhone like an iPhone 6 6s or

iPhone se iPhone 5s these kind of all

our iPhones usually tend to have

problems with these and let me tell you

why it is likely that your iPhone had

undergone is some sort of battery

replacement whether it was because you

only wanted to you or you just went out

and bought an iPhone which already have

the battery replaced so every time you

see a southern battery drop a southern

drop of the percentage like 400% to

about 60 or so of course it's not a real

thing it's not like your iPhone is being

drained so much the thing that's going

on is that at the battery or the

percentage that you can see on the

screen is actually not right and it

doesn't show the correct number so it

can very easily happen that you reaches

0% then your phone shuts off

automatically and then you are able to

turn it on you can see it has like 20%

or something so clearly it's not right

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future and let's continue with this

video right now this problem is referred

as battery miss calibration which a lot

of times happens like I said after

battery replacement it means that the

battery is of course not

calibrated correctly and that means or

ends up in showing you the wrong numbers

so what can you do about it obviously

the first thing to do is to calibrate it

and this is actually the correct

solution but how exactly can you do it

and based on the searches that people do

some people just try to

I'm the app store and search for some

sort of software which will allow you to

calibrate the battery correctly which I

didn't find to be very I mean it doesn't

really work you are only able to find

some apps like battery doctors which

will show you the usage of your battery

which doesn't really help you that much

do you have to do is like a process

which consists of a couple of steps the

first step is to charge your phone to

100% while you are doing it just make

sure not to play around with the phone

or anything just keep it as it is and

simply connect it to the charger and

wait although the phone reaches hundred

percent once you are fine with that it

just disconnected and keep using a bi

phone normally this is like the second

step and use it until it drains

completely until the phone physically

turns off and after that the third step

is to try turning it on if you are able

to turn it back on after your phone had

died then it means that there are still

some juice left in the side of the

battery and if the phone let's say that

it turns on it has 30% you keep using it

and then wait and do the same thing

until it actually turns off if you are

then able to turn it back on just keep

doing the very same thing over and over

again until your phone is not able to

turn it on or not able to be used

anymore which means that you really got

to the end to a zero percent of the

battery no it's not you can see that

your battery has 0% in the really has

and really is empty battery inside of

your phone of course this is where it's

like United so the phone things that it

has 0% but it really has whereas before

when it turns off the phone the thought

that it was at the end of the battery at

the end of the power even though there

was some power left in that case if you

just simply put it under under the

charger it would charge it up but but

again the battery percentage would be

incorrect so it would just keep going on

and on so that's why you have to

calibrate it this way so like I say a

lot of times the problem occurs after


placement but there are plenty of cases

where the problem actually appears after

a major I was update which is great that

of the older devices still get software

updates but on the other hand it can

really mess up some essential parts or

essential functions of your phone so in

case this is your problem if you just

recently downloaded some sort of new iOS

version and this may be your problem

so hopefully this method actually fixed

your problem and if you did just let me

know down below in the comments what

exactly happened and how exactly did you

end up fixing this issue or what was the

cause of this or just let me know

anything you want to say about it so

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