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iPhone Viruses - How To Get Rid Of Them!

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how is it going everybody you're

watching then about tack and today let's

talk about iPhone virus and more

specifically how to get rid of that so

the first thing I want to tell you is

iPhone viruses are extremely rare okay

they are not as common as people think

but at the same time they could happen

under very specific situations okay so

just to be clear I have never seen an

iPhone virus in person I've just read

comments about it and stuff about it but

okay let's begin so if your iPhone is

behaving a little bit weird if it's not

behaving correctly if things are opening

automatically or you're pressing on

websites like you're trying to go to

websites and then you go to other pages

you get redirected to other pages maybe

it's very likely but maybe you have an

iPhone the virus so how can you actually

get an iPhone virus there are pretty

much two different ways you can do that

one is if you jailbreak your device okay

because if you jailbreak it then you

open ports on your iPhone and then you

allow some it could allow some worms or

malware to be actually installed on your

iPhone that's possibility number one but

enjoy brakes are very very uncommon now

in 2020 and possibility number two is if

you install third-party apps so

applications that are not from the App

Store and you can do that even without

jailbreaking your phone you can actually

download apps straight from Safari okay

so of course by doing this you can

obviously download malware and apps

there are malicious okay that could

happen there's also another possibility

which is not actually an infection it's

not really a virus that's why I said

there are only two ways but it makes you

think that your iPhone is infected that

your iPhone has a virus and that is

through some very malicious ads I'm

gonna put on the screen an example right

now and then one of those ads they make

you feel like your iPhone has a problem

because it looks like an official

message from Apple and then it's saying

that your iPhone has been affected but

it hasn't

there's no virus there's nothing like

that it's just again some person some

hacker some developer trying to steal

from you your money your data to make

you think that your iPhone is infected

but that's not the case okay so I just

excluded that for my first two

possibilities because that's not a hack

or anything like that but you may still

feel like your iPhone is in fact it has

a virus or something so how to get rid

of that actually again there are two

different ways on how you can protect

yourself against that and how you can

get rid of a potential virus that may

exist situation number one is in Safari

as I said sometimes you're opening a

website and you get redirected to

another page the pages may look weird or

something so it can be some kind of warm

inside Safari how to fix that is

actually very easy all you have to do is

open your iPhone go to settings and then

you're gonna scroll down and then you're

gonna look for Safari as you guys can

see and then you're gonna scroll down

again and you're gonna look for clear

history and website data with that we're

gonna clear pretty much all the data or

the background info like cookies and

things like that that are inside Safari

okay so all you have to do is tap again

on the red button clear history and data

and you're good to go okay so that's

possibility number one so is a strict

problem with Safari and then that's

gonna like reset Safari and help you out

with this possibility number two is if

your iPhone is really infected it really

does have a problem and then you need to

find a way to actually deal with that

and remove all of that and the only way

to do it is by resetting your iPhone so

formatting your iPhone and how do you do

that again you don't need a computer or

anything like that all you need to do is

get your iPhone once again and then I'm

gonna go to settings one more time and

then right at the top you're gonna click

on your Apple ID before we reset we need

to check your data so because as you

know when you reset your phone you lose

all the information

so we need you to secure your data all

right so then tap on iCloud and then

you're gonna scroll down and actually

you're gonna see all the information

that you have that's connected to iCloud

you may ask me okay but why don't I just

do a backup I don't recommend a backup

because if you do that if you have a


it's gonna be carried in the backup as

well so there's no point doing that okay

so then make sure all your information

is saved here make sure your photos are

saved in iCloud photos and everything

like that ok so then after this you can

just go back to the first screen on

settings scroll down to general and then

scroll all the way down to reset and

erase all content and settings and then

follow the on-screen information so you

can tap on erase now and then keep

pressing the buttons and confirm is

gonna ask you like three or four times

if you're sure and yes you can do it

because you have all the necessary

information saved and stored in iCloud

so with this there's no way a virus can

outlive this because you're gonna clear

your iPhone

you're gonna factory reset your iPhone

and then you're gonna get back your

information but those information that

information is clear of anything okay

because it's just basic information is

stored within application so there's no

way a virus infected that data all right

so that's pretty much it

and I'll see you guys in a few days guys

bye bye