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How to Remove a Bat from your Home

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you found a bat in your home what do you

do now


your first step is to make sure that no

one in your household

woke up to discover the bat in the room

then you need to determine that no one

has been scratched or bitten by the bat

if you're not sure you must capture the

bat and notify your local public health

district about having the bat tested for

rabies if you are certain no one was

exposed to the bat you may be able to

encourage it to leave on its own so the

next step is to isolate the bat by

making sure doors to other rooms are

closed next turn off the lights inside

then shine a flashlight out an open door

or window the bat may disappear into the

night if this doesn't work or if you

need to catch the bat for testing the

next step is to safely capture the bat

however never touch a bat with your bare

hands you will need leather work gloves

a small box be sure to first punch holes

in the box so that the bat can breathe a

piece of stiff thin cardboard stock that

completely covers the opening of the box

sturdy tape and a clean soft t-shirt but

no terrycloth wait until the bat lands

approach it slowly and calmly

then lightly place the box over the bat

carefully so you don't harm the bat

take the piece of cardboard and gently

slide it under the box to trap the bat

inside use the tape to secure the

cardboard to the container making sure

that the adhesive side of the tape does

not come into contact with the bat if

the bat has been captured at night you

can release it outdoors right away bring

your flashlight and gloves with you in

case the bat has problems flying away

bats are not able to just fly out of a

box find an elevated area like a deck

and lift the box over your head tilt the

box slightly so the bat can fly out

use your flashlight to watch it leave

yes if the bat does not fly away it may

be injured sick or dehydrated or it may

be just a juvenile bat that has lost its

way in this case use gloves to place the

bat back in the closed container and put

it in a safe place away from children

and pets

then call your local wildlife

rehabilitator I found a bat if you

captured the bat in the daytime remember

to call your wildlife rehabilitator

right away never try to care for a bat

on your own

the silver-haired bat featured in this

video was found by a concerned homeowner

the bat had apparently been attacked by

another animal leaving a large hole in

her tail membrane that took weeks to

heal because the concerned citizen did

everything right by not handling the bat

and by calling for help immediately this

bat was successfully rehabilitated and

released back into the wild