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9 Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Bats

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that's like dark quiet and undisturbed

roosting spots and man-made structure

provide the perfect abode

if bats have taken up residence in your

home you may have a bigger problem on

your hands the noise invading bats often

cause structural damage and leave behind

droppings that slowly corrode wood and

other building materials exposure to bat

guano can also pose a serious health

risk to you and your family if ignored

there are a few simple steps you can

take to evict winged intruders from your

property and make sure they don't come


one repair wall's bats commonly enter a

house through doors windows and gaps in

the walls holes as little as one to two

inches big is enough for a bat to

squeeze through inspect your homes for

gaps cracks and holes in the walls and

roof of your house give them repaired or

sealed and temporarily to prevent

further infestation to use sealants if

you can figure out the entry and exit

points of the bats you may use some

netting material into sealant to get rid

of them carefully clear the bats from

your home and seal the entry point with

a net hardboard or any other sealant as

they return they will not find a way to

get inside your home also spread

mothballs to deter them from your home 3

use floodlight bats favor dark quiet

hideouts and have an aversion to lots of

light and commotion using a floodlight

to directly light up the area where the

bats are nesting would irritate the bats

and cause them to move out and stay away

from your home for use mothballs the

pungent smell of mothballs or

naphthalene balls acts as a great bat

deterrent take a soft and clean cloth

and tie a few mothballs in it now place

it near the entryways or around their

nesting area hanging these tied

mothballs around doors and windows will

not only keep various insects away but

will repel bats in an excellent way 5

use cinnamon cinnamon is a great bat

repellent 10 is completely safe to use

bats can't stand the smell of cinnamon

and get repelled by it naturally make a

solution by mixing the cinnamon powder

with water and spray it near them

respray it as soon as the smell fades

away you may also spread some cinnamon

powder directly on there

doing this on a regular basis will keep

the bats away from your home

six ultrasonic repellents ultrasonic

emitters are readily available in pest

control stores and are a good option to

keep bats away although this remedy is

not as effective as other ones you can

surely give it a try seven use mirrors

if you do not want to cause harm to the

bats that have intruded your yard this

method is going to work as effectively

as using a pesticide to eliminate them

you will need a mirror and a light

source during the daytime to deter them

with this remedy place the mirror in a

way that it reflects light continuously

on them throughout the day it will

irritate them as it is the time when

they sleep eight aluminium foil hanging

aluminum foil seems to be one of the

best and harmless methods to prevent and

eliminate bats from your house

the crinkling sound produced when the

bats fly near aluminum foils irritates

the bats

moreover the reflective surfaces disturb

them and they get repelled by such shiny

objects just hang a few strips of

aluminum foil in their entryways and

around their fly root it will not only

ward off these pests leaving your yard

but also prevent further entry of bats 9

use bat repellents if no other remedy is

helpful in eliminating bats from your

house you may consider buying bat

repellent sprays and gels from a local

pest control store although it is not a

home remedy it can help you get rid of

bats in an effective way

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