get rid of a

How to remove a basketball goal and Haul off in Southlake Texas Only $75.00

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alright this is the junk guys we are

here removing we are actually in South

Lake Texas ho L what are we removing

what what it what's up there holy cow

it's a basketball goal we are removing a

basketball goal from the city of South

Lake Texas we charging this lady sixty

five dollars for the removal of disco

and this is what we do we take it away

look at it we dropped all the water out

of this hole well did this mess he

watered the grass here without no

permission but we still did it and what

we're gonna do is load it to the dump

sure he's going he's going down there

that little a and he we're gonna load

this bad boy into our our truck over

here I think it might fit it might not

fit but we're gonna do it anyway so here

we are

oh well it's taking it to the dumpster

he's a complete athlete so he might do

it himself I'm not sure if he needs my

help to do it but I guess we'll see

there yes that's nice there it is we got

that on camera

he almost injured himself and we're

gonna see where he works out at which

gym see if he can lift this by himself

go ahead well you got a man he's an


my boys are stud there's a technique to

this do not try this at home see him

struggling to get this with this

basketball goal into the he's not doing

so good well get in there man come on

dude you can do this there you go look

at him technique it's all about

technique now he drops it right there

right there right into the dumpster only

a few minutes and I'm still recording

I'm going to see him handle this holy

cow he's not doing so hot he's hit

something up there where the junk guys

you can call us at 2 1 4 7 7 7 3 0 9 5

or 8 1 7 7 o 7 2 8 8 6 junk ice DFW calm

seems like my athlete stud dud more like

it will need my help on this whole thing

so I got to go fight