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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Basement Smell Naturally | Remedies For Basement Smell

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channel home remedies to get rid of

basement smell remove mold and mildew

one of the major causes of basement odor

is mold and mildew grown on the items

kept in the basement due to moisture

such items include the cardboards papers

newspapers upholstered furniture carpets

fabrics and other old items discard the

affected paper items clean away the

other items sponge the surfaces of

upholstered furniture with a soapy water

solution clean the basement once you

have discarded the affected paper items

and clean the furniture the next step is

to clean the basement prepare a cleaning

solution by combining one part of boric

acid 2 parts of white vinegar and

hydrogen peroxide each with 4 parts of

water wear a pair of protective gloves

facemask and wash the floor of your

basement using this solution but be

moderate because too much use of this

solution can cause excess moisture in

your basement

fix the leakages if you find any pipe

leakage in your basement fix it in first

hand as it is the main cause behind mold

and mildew

it is useful remedy for how to get rid

of basement smell if your basement is

naturally humid and then you may install

a humidifier it is very effective in

combating the mildew odor wrap those

pipes with insulation which are causing


baking soda baking soda is a great odor

of sore bur it not only absorbs the

unpleasant odors caused due to mold and

mildew in your basement but also

refreshes the air with its scent as it

is a natural deodorizer to either place

an open box of baking soda or a

container filled with baking soda in

your basement to eliminate basement odor

baking soda can work for three months

white vinegar the acidic property of

white vinegar makes it effective

deodorizing agent for the clothes

affected by mildew odor add one cup of

white vinegar in washing machine and

wash your cloths wash your cloth with

detergent afterwards

cat litter cat litter containing

different ingredients aids in absorbing

the unpleasant odors created by the mold

and mildew in your basement besides an

odor absorbent it also acts as a

deodorizer and refreshes the air with

its scent you just have to place a box

filled with cat litter in your basement

after making sure the box is open to

cure basement smell