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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots & Scars | Cheap Tip #167

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hi everyone I'm Robin this is on the

teacher today we wanted to talk about

dark scars and spots because they just

ruin our lives not too long ago I got

burned by an iron and as you can see

it's starting to get much lighter it's

because I've been doing this treatment

so I decided why not show you guys what

I've been doing and help you out so

let's get started step number one so the

first thing you want to do is exfoliate

the scar or dork

bit are dope her are darks I can't

famous or dark spot and my go-to is my

lemonade sugar scrub which I will link

down in the description box below

basically it's just lemon juice and

sugar now lemon juice has natural acids

in it like citric acid alpha and beta

hydroxy acids which are going to help

exfoliate the dead skin cells that make

it darker and lemon is also known to be

a natural bleaching agent to help

lighten up that spa now if you don't

want to use lemon juice you can always

swap it out for pineapple juice

pineapple juice has lots of glad good


pineapple has lots of glycolic acid in

it which is used in facial peels today

and it's going to exfoliate off the dead

skin cells as well as brighten and

lighten the skin now you want to mix one

of these juices with some sugar or even

rice flour and these are just going to

be the grittiness that is going to scrub

away all of that dull dark skin and get

rid of the dead skin cells it's also

going to help if you have a raised scar

to help flatten it and smooth it out to

make it less noticeable now using this

on your face you only want to use it

once a week but if you're using it on

another part of your body that is a

little less sensitive like your arm or

your leg you can afford to do this at

least two to three times a week now I do

have other scrub tips on my channel that

I think will help with this as well so I

will list them down in the description

box below as well that's it as well

twice about step number two the next

thing you want to get it some sort of

natural bleaching agent now we already

know that

lemon and pineapple juice are great for

that so you can use one of these but who

shut oh god everything's fine but there

are also many other juices that will act

as a bleaching agent as well such as

ginger root juice onion juice about

potato juice and even apple cider

vinegar because it's so acidic that it's

able to exfoliate the dead skin cells as

well as why it was good and this is

something that you're going to want to

do every day so what I do is take a

little band-aid and I apply some of my

bleaching juice I'm going to use lemon I

pour a little bit on to the pad of the

band-aid then I place it over my scar or

dark spot and just leave it there for

about 30 minutes

after 30 minutes you're going to take it

off if you're going to let it dry


and then you're going to rinse it off

and I'll be fine that your skin is very

sensitive to aesthetic juices all you

have to do is mix it in with a little

bit of honey honey is a great

antioxidant that's going to help renew

any skin cells it's also going to help

lighten and brighten the skin and it's

going to help moisturize and lessen the

acidity of the juices now I also have a

few other tip recipes that might be good

for this so I'm gonna link them down in

the description box oh wow

step number three you're going to want

to moisturize the area with something

that has tons of antioxidants in it and

my go-to is throwing and my go-to is

vitamin E oil vitamin E is a strong

antioxidant and it also is known to

lighten any dark spots or scars as well

as dark circles darkness under your

armpits are on your elbows or your knees

it also helps to reduce the appearance

of scars and smooth them out now I

usually use this at night after I use my

bleaching toner I put this on and I go

to sleep I'm um I'm just kind of wake up

and rinse it off but you can also use it

in the morning

to use throughout the day as well so

just give yourself a little bit of it

extra boost of power now if you don't

have vitamin E off you could also use

olive oil olive oil is full of vitamin E

and vitamin E

it also helps to heal the scars and you

can also use aloe which is love and oil

and off but it's also known to help heal

and moisturize the skin naturally now I

have quite a few moisturizing tips that

are great for scars as well as just

moisturizing just get in general and I

will leave those down in the description

box below so that you can check it out

step number four you want to make sure

that you are using some type of Sun pot

or covering up your scar a dark spot

from the Sun because as soon as the Sun

hits it it's gonna make that [ __ ] much

darker and you don't want that so make

sure that you're using a more natural

sunblock one that has nan nan Oh nan nan

Oh nan nan oh I always have trouble

setting them non nano zinc oxide it's

just much better for your health in the

long run or you can also just cover it

up with a band-aid any time that you go

out and you will have no problems

that's all myself on how I lighten my

dark scar but I also have an acne scar

treatment tip on my channel which has

rave reviews from tons of people who

have said that it works for them and I'm

super excited to share what do you guys

so I'll put that in the description box

below as well as in this video and you

can go check that out so that's my tip

and I hope that you liked it make sure

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I'll see you all next month for another

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