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hey guys so today I want to talk about

how to get rid of bald spot so I

recently got rid of a bald spot using a

natural remedy that's fairly cheap so I

had a bald spot right here you can kind

of almost still see it but it was way

worse before like it was like there was

literally no hair growing out of it

at all so I'll show you a before picture

that is what my bald spot look like it

was not attractive I literally could not

put my hair back because it looked like

I was losing hair in that one but what I

did was first off I was using a dry

shampoo basically I was using baby

powder as a dry shampoo so I would put

it in my hair and it would get rid of

these oily look of my hair and give it

volume and make it look refreshed and I

would put that in my hair every day that

I didn't have a shower and then I

noticed that I started getting this

small spot so I looked at the

ingredients on this baby powder and I

saw that there was a loss of some

chemicals in there and some like fake

fragrance and stuff and it was made of

talc so I got rid of the actual just

conventional baby powder and I went and

bought a natural baby powder that is

made of cornstarch instead of talc and I

started using a VAT on my hair instead

as a dry shampoo so that's the first

thing I did the second thing I did was I

started using castor oil so I have a

castor oil in a little tiny little like

container and I just used a q-tip dipped

it in the castor oil and put it on my

bald spot every single night so I've

been doing that for about a couple

months now and so yeah there's

definitely a big improvement in my bald

spot I am going to take like

before-and-after pictures for you guys

but this totally worked for me and it

was really really cheap castor oil like

for a huge jug of castor oil it was only

16 dollars instead of spending all your

money on these you know preventing

baldness shampoos and stuff just try

castor oil first dab it on your head

every night before you go to bed you

know it doesn't have to be a lot just so

I just dabbed a little bit on and it

just stimulated the hair growth there

and then now I don't have to deal with

this ball spot anymore so here is my

before and after

obviously there is a huge difference

there's the bald spot basically no girl

hair growth out of it at all and then my

after I have some hair growing back in

my bald spot and it's slowly filling in

so I hope this helps you guys out and I

will see you guys in the next video bye