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Earn Yield on Your Bitcoin | Defi Yield Mining Tutorial | Easiest Way to Get Started | $BADGER $BTC

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hey everybody welcome to my channel hope

you guys are all staying safe and

healthy out there in this video i'm

going to introduce to you guys a

brand new liquidity mining opportunity

this protocol has just been out for a

few days and it's already accumulated

over a hundred million dollars in value

badger dao kicked off their liquidity

mining program

on december 3rd and with a limited

amount of marketing they've lured

in millions and millions of dollars

worth of wrapped bitcoin onto their

protocol and before i get into the

details i want to quickly welcome you

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description below with that being said

let's go ahead and dive into this video


all right to kick start this video let

me quickly cover what badger finance is

all about

and i'd also like to add this is not

intended to be a comprehensive review

i will be admitting a certain facts but

to help compensate i'll include

all the links that i use in producing

this video in the description below

but by watching this video you'll get a

quick introduction and i'll show you

guys one of the easiest ways to get

started it'll save you guys

time and money so i would definitely

encourage you guys to watch this video

and it's entirely before you guys

make any sort of commitment to use the

platform to simply put it

badger dao is gonna do the same thing

that yearn does with stablecoin vaults

badger is doing the same thing but their

focus is going to be on bitcoin

in other words they've created a project

and they're in the process of assembling

a community

whose sole focus is going to be

generating a yield on the bitcoin that's

deposited into the various vaults that

they support with the exception of these

two vaults here you can see that the

remaining vaults

are all designed to help you guys earn a

yield on the bitcoin that you guys


currently majority of the yield that

they offer is supported by the badger


the true yield that you're going to get

on your rap bitcoin is 1.64

for rent btc and the rest of the yield

comes from the badger token and on a

side note i just wanted to say that i

have heard speculation that

they are going to be partnering and

working with urine and sushi

but i wouldn't take that as actionable

information it's just a rumor that i

heard from some of my d5 sources now


yield mining opportunity is expected to

last for eight weeks

during which time if you provide

liquidity into any of these pools

you'll be earning badger tokens and the

badger token is the governance token

just like the wi-fi is the governance

token for the yearn project

and the team envisions a future where a

portion of the fees collected through

the protocol

are given to users who have their

badgers staked

in the badger vault currently the

protocol charges a performance fee of 20

so if everything goes to plan a portion

of this fee

will again end up in the hands of

individuals who are staking their badger

tokens in the badger vault and it

doesn't stop there in about

two weeks they have tentative plans to

introduce another token called the dig


and this is going to be a btc pegged

elastic supply currency

just like ample fourth is pegged to the

fiat dollar

this token will adopt the same model as

apple forth

but instead of being pegged to the fiat

dollar it's gonna be pegged to the price

of bitcoin

personally i feel like this protocol has

a lot of potential

because currently if you're looking for

yield on your bitcoin

the best options you have are block

files celsius and other c5 platforms but in

my opinion i think

projects like badger dao and other

projects are going to change this

at some point i think the yields that

people get on bitcoin

outside of liquidity mining

opportunities are going to get

so competitive that platforms like block

fi and celsius

will use a portion of the funds that

they have under management

to seek yield and d5 now i'm going to

show you guys a

quick way to get started so for this

example i'm going to assume

that you have a zero bitcoin on ethereum

and you want to get your bitcoin into

one of these sets

first thing you should do is go over to


dot cafe now in this video i'm not going

to give you guys a tutorial on

how to exchange your bitcoin for wptc

i'm sure you guys will be able to find a

tutorial online but this web application

basically allows you to exchange your

btc for wrapped btc

you take that wptc and you come here to

curve dot phi

slash sbtc slash deposit once you've

deposited your wptc

into the sbtc pool you'll be given an lp

token which you bring here

to badgers website

slash sets you go ahead and click on

curve dot phi

sbtc lp you deposit your lp tokens into


set here and by depositing your lp


into this set you'll be earning a yield

of 2.12

all the profits that are generated go

back into your lp position

and it auto compounds for you once

you've made the deposit

you're gonna get s curve tokens

which is basically a redemption on the

spdc lp tokens that you deposit into the


you take that token you come here to


and on this page you click on curve dot


spd clp and now by depositing that s

sptc curve into this pool here

you're going to be eligible for the

liquidity mining rewards which is

currently yielding 108

and all the badger tokens that you're

earning from this pool

are gonna end up on your dashboard page

which you can redeem at any given time

once they've been deposited and because

the protocol has gotten a lot of

attention recently

the yields have come down a little bit

it's been deluded by all the bitcoin

that recently flooded in

but if you recall in the beginning of

the video i talked about dig

the btc pegged elastic supply currency

now this coin is going to be airdropped

to people that demonstrated

active interest in bitcoin d5 and it's

also going to be given to early


and that's taking rewards for

participation in the set

and i have this funny suspicion that it

won't take very long for it to get

listed on an exchange like finance

the protocol just came out on the third

and binance is already talking about an

elastic supply token that's pegged to


to my knowledge a dig is the only token

designed to do this

if you guys know of any of the tokens

that can fit this description i

do me and the community a huge favor by

commenting with the name of the token

but regardless if the token gets listed

on binance

i fully expect these yields to get

juiced up in the next couple weeks

once that token comes out because i'm

almost 100

certain that the big tokens are going to

be disseminated people that are

providing liquidity to the various sets

it's hard to forecast what kind of

results the dick token is going to


but i remember when ample fourth came

out and they launched their geyser


i personally know people that made a

ridiculous amount of money

so if you guys plan to take part of this


make sure you guys keep an eye out for

the dig token now in this last segment

i'm going to show you guys

the easiest way to deposit liquidity

into this unipool

this way you guys can start earning this

fat four digit yield so to get started

just go over here to zapper.5 type in


click on the only pool that populates

from here choose any one of the assets

that you have in your wallet that

zapper supports for example if i had

linked tokens i just click here on link

and in this box i type in the amount of

linked tokens that i want converted into

both wbtc

and badger rather than me having to

individually trade the link into wptc

and badger

zapper on the back end will

automatically do those transactions for


but on your end you're only going to

have to confirm one transaction once you

get those lp tokens you basically do the

same thing you did for sbtc

but you do it on the uni pool here so go

ahead and click here on this set

you're gonna deposit your lp tokens and

you're going to receive

b badger wptc you take that

and you click here on stake and you

click here on the

uni pool and you deposit those b badger


into this pool and that's gonna make you

eligible for that one thousand percent

if you just deposit your lp tokens

remember you're only going to get

500 if you want this remaining 1050

you're gonna have to take your b badger

tokens and you're gonna have to deposit


here into this pool so again remember

you're gonna have to do two

separate deposits in order to get this

four digit yield here

gabriel here made this great chart and

i'm gonna link this video in the

description below

and i'm gonna use this chart to explain

to you guys why i decided to provide

liquidity into

this vault versus the other ones what

this strategy does

it takes fifty percent of your badger

tokens that you're earning

and it sets that aside so you can

withdraw it on the dashboard page

the remaining fifty percent of the

badger tokens that you're earning get

re-injected back into your lp pair

and since it's auto compounding this for

you your lp position is growing assuming

that the yields stay

roughly the same since your lp position

has grown

the amount of yield that you're going to

get is also going to grow

and what you could do is when you go

back to dashboard and you claim the

badger tokens that you received

because remember half is being auto


the other half is going to be redeemable

if you redeem your badger tokens you can


inject them back into this unipool

you can take that lp token and manually

compound your return

now remember i said that the dig token

most likely isn't be given to people

that are providing liquidity to these


vaults and i have a feeling the volts

that are going to be most handsomely

rewarded are going to be these two volts


and by depositing some money into this

fault here the hope is that both my wptc

and badger position will grow together

and after that position has grown for a

couple weeks

when they finally launch the dig token

i'll be eligible for a bigger share of

this tokens

because my lp position has grown since

i've deposited it now the relative risk

for these two sets

to the other three is definitely higher

because at some point these whales

they're going to dump

some or all of their badger tokens if

that happens not only is the yield going

to drop but the value of your

total deposit is also going to

significantly drop now the brains behind

the project

they do plan to make this protocol a

little bit more sticky for example

sometime in the future they are planning

to introduce a reward multiplier

so in other words the longer you keep

your funds in their respective sets

the bigger your bonus yield is going to

be however given that it's a zero-sum

game at some point i am planning to

extract some profits from here and if

you guys want to know when i sell in

real time

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with that being said this is crypto one

step signing up i'll talk to you folks

next time