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How to CURE a yeast infection? (vaginal thrush) - Doctor Explains

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hey there welcome back to how to

medicate and welcome to this new video

on how to treat a vaginal yeast


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sexual problems

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before we start i will quickly introduce

myself my name is raoul

i'm a medical doctor from the

netherlands and i'm making weekly

medical videos to educate myself

as well as you my viewer because i

believe that medically educated people

make healthier decisions which is the

whole point of this channel

this video also comes with a quick

disclaimer it's meant purely informative

this is not medical advice and if you're

looking for medical advice

always contact your own doctor and now

quickly let's get started

so in this video we will cover the

treatments for a vaginal yeast infection

but before we do so i thought it would

be important to explain you a thing or


on how a vaginal yeast infection is

actually caused a vaginal yeast


also called candidiasis or vaginal


is caused by candida canada is a species

of yeast

which is normally presented in your

vagina in small numbers

however there are several factors

several reasons that can lead to an

excessive growth of this candida

among which the use of antibiotics


diabetes being hiv-positive a high-carb


and poor personal hygiene and when

dealing with a vaginal yeast infection

it can cause some annoying symptoms


severe itching a burning sensation while

peeing a

thick white vaginal discharge without


pain during sex and redness around your


and these symptoms typically worsen

during your period

and here it's important to note that

candidiasis is very common

about 20 of all women get an infection


and about 75 of them get an infection at

least once in a lifetime

and lastly a vaginal yeast infection can

be diagnosed

by testing the vaginal discharge which

brings us to the only question you

actually wanted to have answered

how can you treat a vaginal yeast

infection first we start off with some

lifestyle interventions which lay people

often recommend to each other although

it's important to note here

that there is no medical evidence for

any of these people

often recommend each other to wear loose

fitting clothing as well as

cotton underwear the idea here is that

synthetic underwear as well as

tight clothing will cause your genitals

to be more sweaty

thereby enabling the yeast to grow


next up it's advised to prevent using a

vaginal douche

as well as avoid the use of scented

hygiene products for your genitals

bowed can irritate your skin thereby

increasing your risk for yeast infection

and if you do experience any of the

previously mentioned symptoms

but would be advised to contact your

doctor for medical examination

to rule out any other infections then

when you do now you

indeed have a vaginal yeast infection he

could prescribe you an

anti-fungal medicine now in some

countries you can only buy anti-fungal

medicine on prescription but in most

countries you can buy them without

anti-fungal medicine comes in the form

of creams tablets ointments or

suppositories which you can insert into

your vagina

i will be making a video on most of

these in the future

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next up it's important to note that if

you have more than 4 vaginal yeast

infections a year

or when your vaginal yeast infection

does not improve when using

over-the-counter medication

you may need to contact your doctor who

might prescribe you a regular dose of


medicine for up to six months lastly i

just want to mention that there is no

medical evidence for the usage of


in the treatment or the prevention of a

vaginal yeast infection

i hope you know now how to treat a

vaginal yeast infection but if you have

any questions

let me know in the comment section below

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