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How to Remove Viruses From Your Computer

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in this video I'm gonna be showing you

how to remove any virus and not only

remove it but do a better job than if

you took it and paid a professional

hundreds of dollars to fix your computer

now having said all that there's one

type of virus that still will cause

problems if you have ransomware and it

encrypted your files please note it will

remove the ransomware virus but your

files will still remain encrypted so

that's the one virus that I am just

scared to death of in a business or

residential environment because you

pretty much have to restore those files

from backup or cough up the money to get

them unencrypted now I've been removing

viruses since the late 90s to early

2000s and I normally would carry around

a massive toolset with a whole variety

of programs to tackle any occasion

however the game kind of changed several

years back when Tron script came out it

is a fantastic utility that people have

put hundreds of hours in and basically

makes it to where you don't need to

actually pay professional to remove

viruses anymore

now you've seen all these other YouTube

videos where they're like hey run

malwarebytes or run this one program and

it should fix it that is crap because

there's so much that goes into taking

viruses off and repairing a computer

such as you need to remove all the temp

files it'll make your runtimes far

faster you need to deep low twin doze

you need to remove all the viruses once

they're removed you need to repair your

system if it corrupted any system files

that needs to be done and then it's just

optimizing and cleaning up transcript

does all of those things and it does it

with a conglomeration of a whole bunch

of utilities and programs it has over I

think 20 or 30 different programs

packaged into it you know the big names

are there malwarebytes Sophos comes

Persky it uses a whole variety of

utilities to fix your computer in is

just absolutely fantastic so with all

that said let's get into actually

removing it I'm gonna walk you through

transcript just know I am speeding up an

hour and a half process on this to about

6 minutes and I'm trying to detail each


it takes so you understand what's going

on as far as user interaction once you

hit run there almost is none there's

only one portion of it that actually

requires user interaction and that is to

run the malwarebytes when it actually

pops up on that side of the window

everything else is completely automated

and it is fantastic now it does take a

very long time to run and I'll detail

all that as we go okay to start off

we're going to the Tron script Reddit

and downloading it please note the

sequence of operations it's gonna do is

prep temp clean D blow disinfect repair

patch and optimize and then does a

wrap-up where it deletes anything it has

downloaded during the scripts operation

it is incredibly powerful and I'm gonna

go through and run this and kind of tell

you what each part is doing and when it

does it so first we downloaded is a big

download of roughly 600 Meg's

you scroll down to the bottom here go

ahead and click the link and then

download the executable now I've already

downloaded this so we don't have to wait

so let's go ahead and launch the execute

all and see what we get so we'll go

ahead and open this say more information

run anyway right now it's just

extracting all the tools it needs

okay with that extracted we can go ahead

and close our browser out and then go

into Tron from here read the

instructions before just blatantly

running a batch file so let's go ahead

and open it up it goes ahead and

summarize its usage summary command line

use interrupting the script all these

things so it will run for several hours

especially if you've been using this

computer for many years and it has a

large hard drive it will take a long

time to go ahead and scan all of this so

just make sure that you do that so let's

go ahead and go to the usage here and

just look over it

first things first it says make sure you

install all the updates second copy the

tron dot bat and the resource folder to

the desktop of the target machine second

tron can be run with windows either safe

mode or regular it recommends regular

for the first time third right click and

run as administrator and then it says

wait anywhere between three in ten hours

this is important now for me this is

gonna be in a slower virtual machine

that has actually like 50 gigs so it's

not gonna take anywhere near three hours

but just know if you have a lot of

storage it will literally take this long

I had a six terabyte drive in three or

four on my main machine when I ran it in

my Windows instance and I remember it

taking somewhere in the neighborhood of

about five to six hours to complete on

that just to give you an idea and I have

a very powerful machine so it does take

a long long time once it finishes you

will need to reboot so with that let's

go ahead and follow these guides and put

these on our desktop so we'll go ahead

and close those instructions out and we

will simply cut these and paste them on

to the desktop

well right click run as administrator

and then it says hey they are not

responsible for any damage that happens

from this script say I agree in all caps

again it walks through all the steps

here now notice you can add extensions

on this let's say you only wanted to do

a deep load or only a temp clean we're

only a prep you can select only those by

adding on to this and running it from

command-line but for now we're just


saying hey this computers completely

messed up there's tons of viruses and I

don't know much about scripting or

anything like that this is the steps you

need to follow so right here is stage

one the prep it's disabling a lot of

services creating a restore point it

runs our kill to kill any external

processes so it basically clears out

most of task manager so it goes ahead

and makes your system run a lot faster

because there's not nearly as many

processes running again right here is

just simply backing up registry and

other things just in case we have

failure in the middle of this script run

tdsskiller is an actual rootkit finder

so it's probably looking for anything

like that's attached to system processes

all right stage zero is complete now it

starts temporary file cleanup

okay temporary file is completed and now

it's deep loading the system removing

any junk where

alright stage two is complete with the

deep bloat note that took about five to

five minutes on a normal system it

usually takes about ten minutes now the

disinfection has begun now malwarebytes

is being launched and ran you'll see it

in the processes go through its motions

I left the CPU task manager up just so

you can kind of see what the system is

doing on top of looking at the CMD now

during this you see you must mainly

click scan in the malwarebytes window

and there it is it just popped up I'll

go ahead close this and then we just

simply hit scan now right now we're

doing two things

Kaspersky and malwarebytes are running

at the same time so you get to see both

of them in task manager running

all right malwarebytes is complete all

right Kaspersky is finished and now it's

using going on to Sophos virus removal

okay downloaded the viruses for Sophos

and now it should do a complete scan

using the silicon

so stage three is complete now stage

forced begun it goes ahead and cleans up

any orphaned MSI files and then it does

the D ASM service to actually fix

windows so this is probably the best way

to fix Windows 10 as it does replace

mini system files so if a virus infects

and ruins a system file dism typically

will go ahead and clean that up please

note a lot of people think system file

checker does this out of the hundreds of

times I've used system file checker I

probably only had one or two actually

work so dism by far the best portion of

the repair section of this and system

file checker will run after this but

it's kind of not needed in my opinion

with dism done system file checker is

firing off right now so it'll go ahead

and verify the system files

okay here is the completion report after

it completes its wrap-up and everything

it spits this out a couple things to

note any warnings detected during the

check disk it ran it will say here it

says there's a smart read error and that

typically means I probably should be

looking at replacing this disk and then

it also kind of tells you how much disk

space you reclaimed now this was a

pretty minimal 20 gig installed this ran

on and it even reclaimed almost nine

gigs on this super tiny windows 10

installations so that was transcript it

is just a fantastic program I'm so lucky

to have found this several years ago the

times I've had viruses or run into them

it has just done a great job so I hope

this works for you if it doesn't let me

know in the comments because I have yet

to see something this thing didn't fix

when it came to viruses now if you keep

getting infected with viruses on Windows

you might consider switching to Linux I

made the switch last November and I have

been very happy with my results and with

that said I'll see you on the next video