get rid of a


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okay so what happens you got the topical

medicine now jublia yeah yeah

have you been applying it so the problem

is when we have a very thick nail like

this and it's very lifted it won't work

well so this is where now we start every

two months we come in to the office I

trim everything back I filed it very

thin and you apply this Julia twice a

day morning and night as a new nail

grows and healthy this bad fungal part

should move out the one thing you need

to know with certain ethnicities people

have darker skin we get a black nail we

get these dark lines in it there's a lot

of that dark discoloration down here

that might never go away

but this fungally stuff in the front

should so we got both fungus and both

big toes if anything is too sensitive

you let me know so this is all dead

lifted nail you got a nice sandal tan


how long have you been back

I just came a couple of on Sunday oh

yeah videos I wanted to come on Monday

about their disease oh yeah we're you're

busy unfortunately so I'm just going to

trim this nice and short

do you cut your own toenails

do you cut your own Tony oh yeah new

credit card do they have that much

opening to cut these well so one of our

I can put this so I try hard a bit from

size here at the air it already but not

the really that's why so what I would

say is if you try to use the nail nipper

on this nail get rid of it you get a

fresh new nail nipper one for the

smaller toes and a separate one for the

these big toe nails and after use its

you know soap and water try to get the

dust off you can put it in Bleach

rubbing alcohol they won't really kill

it but at least they'll try to make it a

little bit cleaner but pretty much we

should be coming in here every two

months that way you don't have to really

cut your big toenail anymore I'll do

that for you you can leave all the all

the fun for me so first I'm gonna trim

as much and then we're gonna file it

really thin no pain

so see all this this is all fungal

debris yes yeah it's not fun to have

it's actually eating the nail yeah and

so what people don't realize if they're

not exposing the nail fungus if they're

not filing it down the topicals not

going to work yeah

it will not work yeah yeah because the

skin covers yep the skin covers it the

nail covers it yeah so the size of your

nail actually look attached I'm trying

to trim this part but it seems a little

bit attached so I think this is about it

for the lifted portion I'm going to trim

the other toenail and then I'm gonna

file this one down you let me know but

the more I file off the better

penetration we have of the medicine so a

little bit of cool water do you feel hey

just let me know

so these alerts lions and a nail that's

always gonna be there

that's his genetics but all that really

bad discoloration that should be going

away him that that was in the top of the



any pain

no pain

I'm going to get a little sensitive so

that's normal so when you do feel okay

so you can see that big hole where the

fungus was living I know it's authentic

almost I'm a little bit more

if we can expose all that now be much

better so you find that medicine twice a

day every day you see where that nail

ends yeah I should move forward it will

reattach and then everything just grows

up takes one year for a new nail to grow

from bottom to top so the fact that's

just past halfway we're looking around

eight months it looks much better it

doesn't it yeah yeah that's good looks

much better

you're gonna file it a little bit more


they're perfect no more than we're all