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How To Handle A Bad Temper | 9 Tips To Control your Anger

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do you have a bad temper when something

upsets you how do you handle it

damn you throw things Oh punch walls oh

you yell and scream say things that hurt

people's feelings and once you calm down

you regret however your anger manifests

the reality is is that your inability to

handle situations calmly may be doing

more damage than you realize

we all know somebody with a bad temper

right how often do you hang out with

them probably not that much it only

takes a few times of being around and

before you're like yo you're a liability

what am i doing walking on eggshells

that's what you end up doing trying not

to upset them well gentlemen I don't

want you to be that person and so today

we're going over nine temper tips to

help you manage your mood tip number one

learn to identify what situations or

circumstances end up setting you up what

makes you mad because until you identify

what situations really just take you to

level 12 you're never going to be able

to control it once you identify the

situations or circumstances that make

you super pissed or upset or lose

control then you can try to not be or

get yourself in those situations

avoidance but avoidance is only so good

because if it's like other dudes looking

at your girl right it makes you crazy

jealous and just infuriated with rage

well you can't just not go out of the

house so you kind of need to move on to

step number two identify the anger or

feeling as soon as it starts because it

doesn't normally right when we get upset

it builds right it's not something that

just all of a sudden bang you're in this

just uncrazy emotional so uh it starts

like a 1 and graduate now it can

gradually increase fast and escalate

quickly but if you can identify that

feeling that feel

that you get when you start to get

intensely angry or upset then you can

well you can deal with it if you can

identify the feeling when it first

starts you can do things to help you not

escalate and really it's this escalation

that gets things just way out of hand

and out of control

remember it's ultimately about control

you controlling your emotions are you

can't necessarily control how you react

to certain things and the fact that

things get you upset but you can control

the escalation of that anger and tip

number three is a way to manage that

escalation and that is practice

relaxation techniques whether or not

that's deep breathing or saying

something to yourself like it's okay

calm down

just think hold on allowing yourself a

little bit of time before you just react

because tip number four is think before

you speak and this is something that oh

god is it hard right because you think

something but it like it just wants to

come out but the issue is that once it's

out there in space you can't take it

back and words a lot of times can hurt

people much more deeply and intensely

than physical violence like saying

something horrible to somebody a lot of

times is worse than getting punched in

the face tip number five is get physical

exercise alright because exercise and

physical exertion is amazing in terms of

stress reduction a lot of times if you

find the stress building up and you

don't have a release well this is a lot

of times when you tend to explode

emotionally tip number six is talk about

issues as they arise how many of you

would show a hand actually you have to

show your hands because I know that it's

probably a lot of you because it happens

to me when something upsets me

I might not address it right then but

what I found is that if I don't address

it and I just sort of store it put it in

my pocket right and a key it just like

it's in there and it starts nulling at

me and then it Noble and it's still

there alright maybe something else

happens and I stick it on top of it bang

you explode because you just can't take

it anymore and people like

if I'm sorry I didn't put the toilet

paper roll back on if you would simply

have the conversation and address the

issues as they arise it never gets to

that escalation point tip number seven

is when it all possible

use humor to defuse intense situations

but you need to be careful because

sarcasm a lot of times if you're in a

heated like about to get upset and

people are upset alright and you start

to throw in sarcasm then people can take

it personally but humor is a great way

to defuse situations and bring it down

an intensity knotch tip number eight is

take a timeout you know when you're a

little and you did something wrong or

you were acting up and your mom or your

teacher be like you're in timeout alpha

and I'd be like man and you'd have to go

and sit there and then you're like get

my out and well here's the thing as

adults as grown-ass men we can take time

out time outs from things that are

bothering us if there's a situation or a

person that's upsetting us and that is

causing us to get frustrated and angry

we need a lot of times to take a timeout

remove ourselves from that person that

situation to give ourselves some

breathing room a lot of times what we're

going to do is decompress it's this

decompression and the ability then to

see things more clearly and to

rationalize with these people and Tim

number nine is know when you need help

and ask for it there are groups anger

management classes therapists if you're

having a tough time handling and

managing your anger or your emotions it

might be time to go speak to somebody a

professional because a lot of times we

don't have the tools in order to help

ourselves and talking to the people or

our wives or girlfriends or boyfriends

whatever about issues sometimes just

doesn't work out and you can't get the

constructive criticism feedback or tools

that you're going to need in order to

manage your anger and emotions therapy

is a good thing there it's a tool don't

think of it as a negative people that

take control realize they have an issue

and go out and seek help and actively

fix themselves because they realize

there's an issue these are the people

that are super solid and super strong

right there's nothing wrong you should

be not ashamed to have no fear of going

and asking for help if you need it

getting upset happens but losing control

doesn't have to alright somebody makes

you mad I get it right it happens to all

of us but it's no excuse to hurt people

physically or emotionally and you don't

deserve to be hurt either so if you're

currently in relationships are around

people that have bad tempers who can't

control it well it might be time to

reevaluate that relationship as well